Jun 27

All you can record!

CONTEMPLAS is known for exceptional capabilities in terms of video recording. Due to a complete redesign of the recording engine and the implementation of a modern 64-bit process, an incredible increase in performance both in terms of number of cameras and recording time has been achieved. Here are some recent examples:

table videorecording

Jun 27

Integration of latest camera generations

Every year camera manufacturers improve their product range. In order to provide our customers with the opportunity to use the newest cameras in their daily practice, we have implemented the following cameras:

Latest camera generations

Jun 27

As accurate as possible!

Cameras can be synchronized in TEMPLO very well through the software itself, but a more accurate sync is possible through the use of hardware synchronization. With this in mind, we have developed special electronics, which enables the system to send a sync pulse from any number of cable connected cameras. Thus the cameras are forced to begin image acquisition from an external signal. In conjunction with an appropriate A/D board, this technology can be combined with analog measurement systems such as EMG or force platforms.

Camera Synch Kit

Camera Synch Kit

Jun 27

FootPower 2.0 – now with multi seat-functionality.

The OEM version of Footpower software moves to the next round and offers new functionality to work within a network. Measurements of foot shape can now be transferred and shared by all connected systems in the network. This way, recording and analysis can be done on different machines. Furthermore, an enhanced calibration process leads to even more accurate 1:1 printouts of the foot and supports the manufacturing process of best-fit insoles.

TEMPLO OEM Version Footpower


Jun 13

CONTEMPLAS is a premier partner!


It’s official! CONTEMPLAS will support the Rheinland Olympic Training Center as a premier partner through June 2017. In close cooperation, multi-camera video systems and 3D motion analysis systems are now being used for race practice and athlete testing. The results of this collaboration will help to improve the software, specifically making it more practical and easier to use. We look forward to a successful cooperation and wish the entire German National Team every success at the Olympic Games!

Jun 13

Jumping analysis gets a new test and learns to communicate!

TEMPLO Jump Analysis Software is rapidly growing in popularity, especially when paired with the CONTEMPLAS twin force plates.  In particular, more and more teams in the USA, including teams in the NFL, NBA, and NHL, swear by the simplicity and mobility of the software.  Recently, CONTEMPLAS has fulfilled requests of two professional sports customers:


Integration of the Pull Test

The pull test (also known as the Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull) requires an athlete to stand with one foot on each force plate and to pull on a static bar with as much force as possible.  The goal is to achieve the maximum force output in the shortest amount of time possible.  TEMPLO computers more than 70 parameters within the first 250ms of the movement.



Integration of CoachMe+

CoachMe+ is one of the leading American suppliers of Athlete Management Software (AMS).  As many top teams across pro sports use this software, it was an obvious step to create an interface between TEMPLO Jumping Analysis and CoachMe+, which transfers athlete measurement data between both systems.  If you are using a different AMS system and would like it to be integrated with TEMPLO—no problem!  Just ask!




The latest version of TEMPLO was presented at the American College of Sports Medicine conference in Boston.  As both companies’ booths were right next to one another, customers were able to learn more about the integration directly from the source. Read more on Facebook…

Jun 13

And then there was light!


CONTEMPLAS has launched the second generation of its LED lights for running and gait analysis, as well as general motion analysis.  The lights, which are rated for 80W, are extremely bright and offer a homogenous illumination, a modern design, and a higher light output than the previous model.  The lights can be adjusted on the horizontal and vertical axes in order to achieve optimal lighting while diminishing shadows, and are available for both ceiling and mobile tripod mounting setups.


Jun 13

Sprint Start Block—Round 2!

CONTEMPLAS Sprint Start Block with the traditional or the new size of the block ramp

CONTEMPLAS Sprint Start Block with the traditional or the new size of the block ramp

After the launch of the CONTEMPLAS Sprint Start Block in June 2015, the system has received significant technical and design aesthetic improvements.  Particularly, in conjunction on IAAF regulations, the blocks are now available with higher starting ramps.  Customers can now decide between the traditional block ramps or the new, larger sized block ramps.

At the German Convention of Sports Science, department of Track and Field, Steffen Willwacher PhD will present a scientific lecture about sprint-start analysis through the use of our starting blocks.  Both block ramps can be seen here.  More information can be found at: Universität Kassel-Jahrestagung DVS Leichtathletik

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