Jan 28

TEMPLO Version 2016 is ready to download!

The new TEMPLO version 2016 provides new and enhanced features beside already proven functions:

  • Compatible with Windows 10
    There are no limits in 2016 with the new TEMPLO Version 2016!
    TEMPLO 2016 runs perfectly on the operating system Windows 10. Extensive tests of the integrated hardware and drivers enable the user to work with TEMPLO 2016 on the new OS as usual.
  • New diagnostic parametres for Jumping Analysis
    For the analysis of laterality, when jumping on a two-part forceplate, new symmetrieindices were implemented in the software. These enables the user to carry out a detailed left-right comparison.
  • Optimisation of the synchronisation process
    The enlargement of the videoview with event definition/synchronisation allows a quicker and more accurate analysis of movement events.
  • Internationalization
    The Running Analysis software is indicated our Turkish customers now also in national language.
  • Bugfixes


For all CONTEMPLAS customers, who have concluded an update and support contract, the version 2016 is free of charge ready for download.





Dec 21

We wish you and your families a Merry Christmas, a perfect start into the New Year and a healthy 2016!


Dec 17

CONTEMPLAS pre-Christmas packing event for the JOHANNITER CHRISTMAS TRUCKS

weihnachten15This year we support -instead of present to our partners- the JOHANNITER CHRISTMAS TRUCKS.
In a pre-Christmas event we packed and decorated lovingly numerous Christmas parcels.
The packages are brought with the CHRISTMAS TRUCKS to Eastern Europe.
The aim of the campaign is to bring joy to impoverished children and to help disadvantaged families through the hard winter period with urgently required basic goods.

Nov 26

Force Plates Are the Gold Standard in Elite Sports – CONTEMPLAS offers new force measurement system !

With the new force measurement system CONTEMPLAS offers a product which closes the gap between expensive validated / objective measurement systems for professionals and consumer products marketed beyond their abilities!
Read  the article “Force Plates Are the Gold Standard in Elite Sports” from Bennet Watson (Managing Director of zFlo, Inc.) on www. freelapusa. com.

Force Plates Are the Gold Standard in Elite Sports

zFlo Force Plate

By Bennet Watson, Managing Director, zFlo, Inc.

The promise of many new “sport-science” devices is very much alluring; we all want a device that can instantly capture research grade data and wirelessly connect to one’s phone with minimal investment. As a company, we know and recognize the potential that exists with accelerometers and gyroscopes – our company sells an IMU-based motion-analysis system that is a great tool for many clinical rehabilitation users, but there is a major difference between professional wearable systems and many of the devices that are currently entering the market. The gap between validated and objective measurement systems for professionals and consumer products marketed beyond their abilities is enormous. The traditional view is that there are two (sometimes) opposing categories: research systems and practical applications. Those days are long over. You do not have to compromise your data integrity – with the………… (Watson,B.: Force Plates Are the Gold Standard in Elite Sports.https://www.freelapusa.com/force-plates-are-the-gold-standard-in-elite-sports/.(26.Nov.2015).


Oct 30

10 Years CONTEMPLAS – 10 Reasons – “Meeting the current trend”

We are in line with the current trends on the sport, fitness and movement market and offer our customers the professional solutions which allow them to be one step ahead.nwl_0615_hashtag_ctp_trend_2

With our new software TEMPLO Functional Screening we react to the latest trend in the fitness branch, which is the Functional Training.
With the Functional Training complete muscle groups, so called functional-chains are trained instead of single muscles.

Regular testings uncover functional limitations and control the training success.
With TEMPLO Functional Screening CONTEMPLAS supports the professionalization of your enterprise.

The integration of scientifically documented concepts provides the analyst with a selection of established functional tests, supporting the quality of the analysis by guided workflows.




Oct 30

TEMPLO Functional Screening

CONTEMPLAS reacts to current fitness trend and offers the analysis software for professional realisation of established functional tests:

TEMPLO Functional Screening distinguishes itself by a clearly structured workflow which guarantees the quality assurance of tests independent of the analyst and test time.

The analyst is guided through the testing procedure in 3 steps Tutorialvideos and pre-formulated instructions support the analyst during the test, so he can focus on the client.

Six approved functional tests from elite sports and physiotherapy are available in the software:

  • Y-Test
  • Berg Balance Test
  • Timed Up&Go Test
  • Tinetti Test

The tests are analysed according the specific scoring systems including a criterion description.

All results are shown in a report with data and graphics, which makes it easy to show and explain your findings to your client.



Oct 30

BASES – Main tool of TEMPLO Functional Screening

We introduce to you BASES, the main tool of TEMPLO Functional Screening. BASES is an analysis tool on the basis of physiotherapeutic and biomechanical tests for the individual regulation of posture, mobility and movement control.

On the occasion of the integration of the test into the software, we were able to talk to Kristof Huts, one of the developers of the scientific and physiological contents of the analysis tool. Read in the following about the benefit of BASES from the point of experts’ view:

Kristof Huts - bewegingsplatformWhat is BASES?

BASES is an analysis tool which is of great value for elite athletes as well as for the active population and the workplace health promotion. It is a screening tool which analyses the static posture, mobility/flexibility and active control.

So what ?–The benefit:

Besides the user friendliness, BASES provides end users with an objective screening approach, which ultimately results in more accurate and detailed data about a person`s individual weaknesses and strengths.

How was TEMPLO BASES born?

Almost 6 years ago, we – a group of Flemish physiotherapy and physical education specialists with among others expertise in the field of motion analysis, movement screening, posture training and strength training in (elite)sports – came up with the basic principles of the BASES screening protocol. Ever since, we have been using and improving the protocol to steer international (elite) athletes training processes and performance. Our main focus and interest has always been towards providing athletes, coaches and medical staff with correct, accurate, understandable and – last but not least – highly objective data, which can easily be translated into appropriate training objectives and/or exercises.

In CONTEMPLAS we found a good technical partner and therefore decided to translate our screening protocol into a user-friendly software, making it available to coaches and medical staff alike.

Kristof Huts presents Functional Screening BASES

Oct 30


ctp_medica_logoFrom November 16th to the 19th the world’s largest medical trade fair MEDICA 2015, will be held in Dusseldorf, Germany.

CONTEMPLAS GmbH will once again be in attendance, presenting at a joint booth in Halle 4 Stand F022.

The CONTEMPLAS team will present the new software product  TEMPLO Functional Screening and a wide range of new and valuable TEMPLO features, protocols, and extensions.

We are looking forward to your visit!


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