Motion analysis technology partners

CONTEMPLAS has a close collaboration with the following companies in order to improve the productive efficiency and capability of the motion analysis software for the end user.
AMTI Force platforms
Basler Vision Tech High-speed cameras
fusion sport Education and technology products for a wide range of sports
Golfakademie Pb Golf education, scientific institute, TEMPLO GOLF
h/p/cosmos Treadmill manufacturer, OEM version h/p/cosmos para motion
IDS Imaging High-speed cameras
Kistler Piezoelectric force platforms
Myon AG Wireless EMG with low latency; accelerometers, goniometers and foot switches
Noraxon Analog sensors, EMG etc, telemetric systems
Rsscan Internat. Pressure distribution measurement
Sprintex Treadmills
T&T Medilogic Pressure distribution measurement
Tekscan Pressure distribution measurement
Vabene Expert for 3D posture analysis
Vicon GmbH shareholder, technology and sales support
Zebris Pressure distribution measurement, gait analysis

More information on our sales partners can be found here.

RSscan International RSscan International
Lammerdries 27
B - 2250 Olen
Tel: +32 14 232031
Fax: +32 14 235390

RSscan INTERNATIONAL, offers professional solutions for highly accurate dynamic pressure measurements in all kind of set ups. This is done by use of our renowned footscan® systems. Our primary aim is to offer the costumer an affordable pressure measurement system with the best specifications to obtain an accurate result, combined with the clearest and easiest user interface in hardware and software.

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