TEMPLO Sports analysis

The analysis of different types of sports is no problem for the motion analysis software TEMPLO. The software provides the analysis protocol „General motion analysis“, which can be used as it is or which can be adapted to all kind of motions in sports. It covers all steps required in every-day use of the software, beginning with the video capture up to an automatic analysis.
The video analysis software enables the use of 'sport specific terminology'. You can use the words hits, jumps, puts or trials – choose the one which suits your requirements.

High-speed motion analysis

CONTEMPLAS motion analysis software can be used for:
  • Golf
  • Gymnastics
  • Swimming
  • Martial arts
  • Power training
  • Ball games
  • Athletics
  • Skiing
To analyse your videos, powerful graphic tools and professional image processing algorithms are available. You can insert lines, cross-wires, angles, distances, polygons etc. in different colours into your video.

Additionally, video overlay, automatic tracking of body points or objects and the stroboscope function are very efficient tools to visualise movements and differences in movements.
stroboscope gymnastics

stroboscope gait analysis
golf swing analysis
Golf, golf swing analysis
For golf sports, TEMPLO provides pre-defined analysis patterns for one or two cameras. You just have to select the type of shot and the software automatically prepares an analysis and a comparison of the golf swings. You can either use DV-camcorders or high-speed cameras.
Video analysis in sports: Bike
TEMPLO motion analysis helps you to find out the best sitting position on your bike. All body axes and angles can be easily measured and collected into a report. The automatic tracking feature creates curves of the movement which can be used for a left-right-comparison in case of injuries.
Video analysis in sports: Skiing

Video analysis in sports: Skiing
Thanks to the high mobility of all CONTEMPLAS software- and hardware solutions, you can easily perform outdoor motion analyses and do not depend on a stationary power supply. Skiing is a good example.

You can use the software for example for a training with professional athletes on the piste: the centre of gravity of the body can be visualised from several perspectives and the racing lines of different skiers, their body angles etc. can be analysed.

For biathlon or cross-country-skiing, the software provides a quick and precise analysis and documentation of the skating technique and the correct use of the pole at steep inclines.
Video analysis in sports: Feedback training, carving
Teaching / Feedback
The use of the software for training purposes is another possible field of application – not only for skiing. TEMPLO motion analysis software helps to visualise movements and the deviation from ideal racing lines etc. The visual feedback is a very important element for the learner to better understand the required movements.

Top 3

  • Singapore Sports Council
  • Aspire Sports Excellence Center, Quatar
  • Australian Sport Commission, Swimming Team


  • German Sport University Cologne, Germany
  • Hundai Motors, Korea
  • 10 Olympic training centers, Germany
  • Chelsea football Club, UK
  • University of British Columbia, Canada
  • University of Western Cape and Wits, South Africa
  • Daniel Unger Sports, DE
  • ProFeet, UK
  • Triad Multisport Inc., US
  • Laufsport Saukel, DE
  • Sweatshop, UK
  • Sport Bittl, DE
  • Finish Line, US
  • Lauffieber, DE
  • Shoe Shop Orvieto, IT

++  Innovations of ++
TEMPLO Clinical Gait Analysis V 8.0
will be presented at ESMAC 2014
++ New Smart Camera for ++
sport analysis

Detailed capturing of sport movements on land and under water
++ ViconMotus ++
the software for biomechanical, scientific 2D/3D motion analyses

BMS Congress 2014
Canberra (AU)
04/28/2014 - 05/02/2014
TEMPLO Gait analysis software:
realize complex gait analyses at the patient simple and fast
TEMPLO Posture analysis software:
calculate body axes precisely from up to three perspectives

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