Runners Point World of Running

Exciting mega-project with special challenges

Read more about our biggest project so far, the establishment of the flagship store of Runners Point: World of Running in Dortmund, Germany.

Purpose and goals

Runners Point Project customers

Basic considerations

  • Basic idea: Running shoe advice in a familiar situation on the ground
  • Revolution of the running shoe advice
  • Decoupling of capturing, analysis and advice
  • Cross-linkage of the capture- analysis- and advice-terminals
  • Availability of the data in a global database
  • High flow-rate (300-400 people/day) and time saving
  • Extension through a running laboratory with lactate diagnostics and professional running style advice by a sports scientist or physiotherapist

Planning of the workflow

Project Runners Point World of Running

The following workflow has been developed in collaboration with CONTEMPLAS

  • The customer is being registered in the global database
  • Recording barefoot running on lane 1 -> automatic assignment of the video file to the customer
  • Customer meets consultant at a terminal and is being analyzed -> shoe advice based on the results of the analysis due to analysis results
  • Recording on lane 2 or 3 with recommended shoes
  • Comparison of the all recordings and consulting at one of the 7 terminals
  • Workflow can be organized variably
  • Terminals can be changed during the analysis

Technical realization

Projekt Runners Point World of Running

Through extensive consultation by CONETMPLAS the following concept has been chosen:

  • Shoe advice on 3 running lanes (15 m)
  • Recording with 2 cameras each from dorsal and ventral

Technical equipment

Projekt Runners Point World of Running

Different stations with different functions:

  • Assignment and identification of the customer via the RFID-Chip-wristbands
  • Registration: 1 rerminal + 6 consulting stations
  • Recording: 3 running lanes + 1 treadmill
  • Consulting: 5 consulting terminals + 1 registration terminal


Project Runners Point World of Running

CONTEMPLAS takes over the development on software-side for realization of the plan

  • Integration of the RFID-wristbands in TEMPLO
  • Adaption of TEMPLO to the workflow and individual requirements
  • Adaption of the server functions of TEMPLO to the desired performance and safety requirements
  • Testing of procedures and the capacity of the system
  • Simulation of the outcoming requirements

Sketches and technical drawings

Projekt Runners Point World of Running

CONTEMPLAS takes over the development on software side to realize the plan:

  • Work out of an IT-concept with wiring, network and safety package
  • Agreement with architect and interior architect to plan the integration of the cameras and light into the shop design
  • Suggestion for ideal running paths
  • Agreement with furniture manufacturer

Installation, training and support

Project Runners Point World of Running

CONTEMPLAS offers the following service besides this:

  • Installation of the hardware on-site
  • Training of the personnel on-site
  • 4 days of guidance by our personnel for optimal training after implementing the system
  • Periodic maintenance for quality assurance

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