Flemish Swimming Federation in Antwerp

Flemish Swimming Federation Antwerp_realization

High-end video analysis sytem for Swimming Analysis

Stijn Corten is responsible for the analysis of the athletes’ performance at the Flemish Swimming Federation. He and his team designed a brand new pool which is dedicated exclusively for high-performance sport. Thus he and engineers from CONTEMPLAS created perfect conditions for a high-end video analysis system in terms of cabling, lighting and several other aspects.

Technical realization

Flemish Swimming Federation Antwerp_realization

The installation of the video system was one of the last steps before the official opening in November 2015. Ten cameras with HD resolution and 100 frames per second have been installed, one of them as a bird’s-eye camera under the ceiling, two of them on the pool deck behind and besides the start-block and seven cameras under water. The lenses were chosen according to the individual needs of each camera’s position and its field of view. To protect the cameras against dust and moisture, the cameras are covered by special housings. Each camera was leveled perfectly to the specific references in the pool.



The heart of the network of cameras, servers, recording- and analysis-PCs is based in a special server room in the basement. From here, cables run to every camera and workstation. The TEMPLOServer system hosts up to 10 TB of recorded data. A special analysis PC and another special notebook can download the trials from the server. Several performance analysts can thus work synchroniously and interpret the recordings



Besides the other pools in the world that have been equipped with CONTEMPLAS video analysis systems, this is the first pool to work with special protocols for

  • Start Analysis
  • Turn Analysis
  • Timing Analysis
  • Competition Analysis

which offers the ability to create reports with relevant results and swimming specific parameters just after a few clicks after the recording. Images of key moments in the movement on the reports help to emphasize those results for both, coaches and athletes.

Practical use


As coaches always want to work close to their athletes, the screen of the recording PC is duplicated to a big TV screen which is mounted close by. The coaches can play back the footage directly after recording and give further instructions to their athletes. A delayed live-view of up to four cameras at the same time will be only one of the next features that will be released with the next version of the Swimming Performance Analysis System in February 2016. Further improvements will also be contained in this next release. Due to the partnership of CONTEMPLAS and the Flemish Swimming Federation, the feedback of the specialists on site and their demands help to develop the software close to the needs in the field.

Preview Hongkong Sportsinstitute


This was just the start for the Swimming Performance Analysis system – a very similar system was already delivered to the Olympic Training Centre in Berlin. Due to the upcoming Olympic Games and the Paralympics in Rio 2016 the staff in Berlin will now pay a lot of attention to the analysis of their athletes within the context of performance diagnostics. In March 2016 another flagship system will be installed at the Hong Kong Sports Institute. In total 20 cameras for different purposes such as timing, stroke analysis, start- and turn analysis will be installed all around the huge competition pool. Pan-Tilt-Zoom control, the synchronization with the timing system and an instrumented start block are new demands to the software. For this amount of cameras, a network of recording PCs is needed to get all cameras recorded synchronized.

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