Sport- und Bildungszentrum Lindow (sports and education center Lindow)

4 camera system within indoor swimming pool

Lying in between a pair of lakes of Brandenburg, the sports and education center Lindow offers its sports facilities to classes and squad athletes for training camp or compact courses in physical education. Lodging and provisioning are available through the integrated Hotel. Among multipurpose gymnasiums, natural and artificial grass pitches, beach volleyball fields and tennis courts an indoor swimming pool is also available. In that swimming pool, CONTEMPLAS installed a state of the art video analysis system.


Landessportschule Lindow

To ensure an up to date analysis an existing system had to be replaced. Our client had preferred the integration into the already available structural works. Four of the latest cameras have been incorporated into a recording unit; three of those were installed under the water line. In order to easily switch between the examiners, the handling of the software should be kept as simple as possible. The mobile measuring station is connected to a server system gathering the data and providing access to it via every analysis stations in the building. Additionally, coaches have the option of exporting the data to external storage for take away. Server storage allows for reaccessing older trials for comparison when coaches come back for another training camp.


Projekt Runners Point World of Running

CONTEMPLAS took a key position in the evaluation of the already available structural conditions in order to avoid severe physical alterations. Outdated CAT5 cables had to be replaced by CAT6 to deliver the greater data traffic produced by the newer camera models. For recording of the high resolution/high framerate videos a state of the art personal computer was tailored. The incorporation of the TEMPLO server system into the available facility networking, the installation of cameras in combination with high humidity and temperature of the special environment were additional challenges CONTEMPLAS had to overcome. To avoid fogging and corrosion, the cameras were installed behind portholes and the measuring station was encased and connected via WiFi.

Technical implementation

Projekt Lindow Kameras

Cameras are connected via GigE vision and provide a video format of 2048x1024 pixels at 50 frames per second. Power is supplied over the same gigabit ethernet cable, which makes additional power wiring unnecessary and different lenses were chosen for the various points of interest of each camera.

Technical implementation

Videowagen Lindow

Measuring station
Rapid video feedback to the athlete is now available through a 24" fullHD flatscreen. Furthermore, communication between computer, screens and controls is solved wireless to ensure the mobility of the station.

Technical implemenation

Projekt Runners Point World of Running

The connection of the TEMPLO system to the facility servers offers remote maintenance by CONTEMPLAS headquarters. In case of any software issues, our support is capable of addressing it by remote access.


Projekt Runners Point World of Running

Coaches have been impressed by the convenience and the image quality of the system and have appreciated the option of export and take away of the data as well as the server storage of trials for subsequent monitoring of training progress. With this system, CONTEMPLAS fortified the position of the sports and education center Lindow as an up to date sports facility.

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