Running shop Saukel Kempten

TEMPLO Server for increase of customer flow-rate

The well-established running sports shop from Joachim Saukel (LEX running group) is located in the center of Kempten. Due to a change of locality and enlargement of the shop area new possibilities for the usage of another treadmill and thus a second recording system came up.


Laufsport Saukel Kempten

For the increase of the shop area space an own running lab was created, in which now - additionally to the recordings in the sales area - professional running analyzes can be conducted. Due to the data collection on two different systems the integration of a TEMPLO server system for the central data management was necessary. Additionally two further workstations should be established to absorb peaks in consulting. Here small space requirements with optimal video quality was the main requirement, because shop area is valuable.


Laufsport Saukel Kempten

The planning of the network-infrastructure, the equipment of the running lab and analysis place in the shop room as well as the installation of ground containers for power supply was attended by CONTEMPLAS GmbH from day one. The dialog with other crafts (shopfitting, architectural office, electrical installations, carpentry etc.) was an important part of the planning task.

Technical realization

Laufsport Saukel Kempten

To improve the analysis in the lab as well as in the sales area two HDV cameras with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixel at 50 frames per second have been installed at every recording system. Not to block the treadmill in the shop for further customers during the professional running shoe advice of a customer, two further analysis stations have been conducted which are connected to the server system as well. There all cameras and all computer systems have been integrated into the shop landscape by attractive furnishings.


Laufsport Saukel Kempten

The new shop concept of Laufsport Saukel can not least profit from enlarged possibilities of the TEMPLO server system, the improved picture quality and the separate running laboratory by the relocation and so the customer flow-rate during main selling times can be increased. More information are to find under

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