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Clinical Gait Analysis

The professional solution for clinical diagnostics.







Our markertracking helps you to digitise anatomical body points - quickly, reliably and with high measurement accuracy. Innovative markers are placed on clearly defined landmarks and can be automatically detected and analysed by the system.  


With the TEMPLO software you get a complete overview of the gait pattern of your patients: The latest video and image processing technologies provide you with high-quality images. Additional measuring systems such as force, pressure, EMG and force vector are recorded synchronously and generate essential data for your objective comprehensive analysis.




Nachsorgeklinik Tannheim • Sana Kliniken Sommerfeld • Teamolmed Stockholm • Movilo • Praxisklinik Rennbahn Zürich • FH Joanneum • Kaunas University • University of Primorska • University of South Dakota • University of Kentucky • Medi GmbH • University College Nordjylland • Sanitätshaus Knecht • Hogescgool Leiden •Seattle Children's Hospital • Olmed Barn och Ungdom • TU München •Olga Hospital Klinikum Stuttgart • Institute of Technology of British Columbia • Kantonsspital Luzern • Rehab Institute of Chicago • Universitätsspital Basel • Reade Mytylschool Amsterdam • Fondation Hospitaliere Saint Marie • NHS Oswestry Hospital • Teknomed AS Norway





Latest video & image processing technology

Clearly structured software workflow

Numerous analysis tools

Large selection of evaluation parameters

Comprehensive report with parameters, tables and graphics





EMG sensors record the muscular activity of the muscles under consideration. In addition to video analysis, TEMPLO offers the possibility to acquire EMG signals synchronously. In the synchronous recording of EMG signals with video images, specific conclusions can be made about the demand on individual muscles. Depending on the A/D converter, any number of signals can be recorded simultaneously and then be evaluated. Basically, all EMG manufacturers available on the market can be recorded in TEMPLO with the help of the corresponding analog/digital converters.
CONTEMPLAS has particularly good experiences with the following suppliers:

  • Noraxon
  • Myon
  • BTS


Plantar pressure distribution measuring systems are used to determine the dynamic pressure distribution. The manufacturers integrated in TEMPLO work with capacitive or surface resistive measuring principles. The connection to the recording computer is made via the USB interface. Especially in gait and run analysis, pressure measurement offers excellent support for qualitative analysis by determining the maximum pressure and displaying the COP curve. The zebris pressure measurement platforms integrated in treadmills also have an interface to the WinFDM-T software, which provides a large number of additional analysis parameters.

  • Zebris treadmills
  • Sensor Medica treadmills
  • T&T Medilogic pressure plates
  • Zebris pressure plates
  • RS Scan pressure plates
  • Tekscan pressure plates
  • Footplate pressure plates
  • amcube pressure plates
  • Sensor Medica pressure plates
  • Tekscan pressure soles
  • amcube pressure soles


With the help of force plates, horizontal and vertical forces in 1 to 3 dimensions (Fx, Fy and Fz) can be measured synchronously to TEMPLO video analysis.
These measurements provide doctors, therapists and scientists with meaningful data on the forces acting on the body during a movement. For one-dimensional measurements (Fz) CONTEMPLAS offers a force plate (CTP KMP) developed for use in professional sports and rehabilitation, which convinces with high accuracy, robustness and portability. Of course, TEMPLO can also be combined with the force plates of the three market leaders Kistler, Bertec and Amti.

  • CONTEMPLAS force plate
  • AMTI force plate
  • KISTLER force plate
  • BERTEC force plate


By integrating timing systems, all relevant time information can be recorded synchronously. The following are available for this:

  • ALGE



Basic Setup

  • 1-2 Highspeed camera(s)
  • Notebook or PC
  • Mobile use through robust inboxing

Optional extension

  • Extension with further high-speed camera(s)
  • EMG - systems
  • 1-2 force plates
  • Timing-systems
  • Pressure- systems
  • Modular platform system for the realization of floors with integrated measuring plates