TEMPLO Clinical Gait Analysis

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Example for Clinical Gait Analysis

What is TEMPLO Clinical Gait Analysis

 - Integrated patient database
 - Customizable workflow
 - Protocols with medical terminology
 - Automatic reporting and flexible patient documentation
 - Gait event definition
 - Multiple camera support
 - Marker tracking
 - Video synchronization
 - EMG integration
 - Force measurement
 - Pressure measurement
 - Additional cameras
 - Higher frame rate/resolution cameras
 - Custom software
 - LED Spotlights
First, the patient is added into the TEMPLO client database along with any relevant contact or medical information. Next comes the patient history, during which the analyst or healthcare professional gathers all information that is relevant to the patient's gait, such as past injuries, surgeries, and previously diagnosed conditions.
Then a static image is taken of the patient standing in the analysis plane, and then various recordings are taken of the patient walking on a treadmill or walkway. The capture perspectives vary depending on the selected scheme, but typically include Shank, Lower Limb, and Full Body capture perspectives. The next step is the event definition, at which point videos can be synchronized according to specific gait events and angles can be measured. Marker tracking can also be done to provide information into the entire cycle.
The automatic report provides comprehensive data to support the analysis and patient documentation. Oriented around the transition phases set forth by J. Perry, the reporting process involves the mapping of temporal-spatial and kinematic data.
The results of the analysis, including knee angle measurements, tracking data, kinematic data, gait cycle identification, can be added to the report, which allows for it to be compared to patient history data in order to give the healthcare professional the full picture of the patient's health.
 - Laboratory planning
 - Training and support
 - Hardware recommendations
 - Installation
 - OEM software design
 - Workflow customization







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