TEMPLO Clinical gait analysis on a treadmill

Gait analysis for small rooms

Clinical gait analysis on a treadmill is preferred if patients are able to walk on a treadmill and/or if due to limited space a walkway cannot be used. The workflow of the recording and analysis process is the same like on a walkway, but on a treadmill a standardized walking speed is given and thus a better comparison of different trials is possible. In order to provide a full clinical gait analysis a treadmill with reverse belt rotation is recommended as by using two cameras with two recordings all views of the body can be analysed.


Depending on the content of the chosen protocol, a certain amount of recordings are suggested and for your control the requested perspective is visualized by small thumbnail pictures. The more cameras are being used, the fewer recordings need to be done. The protocols adapt themselves automatically in an intelligent way.

More information about camera technology.


At video analysis the recorded views can be compared easily in side by side views. The events of the gait phases are available for video synchronization. Among tools for qualitative analysis, all angles can be measured systematically in the “gait determination”. The intelligent automatic marker tracking helps to get this data without manual interaction. Having this data a comparison of left and right side of the body is easily done.


All results are listed clearly arranged on multiple report pages. The calculated gait parameters are also available. The report is generated automatically based on the performed gait determination, but can be extended with individual pages for qualitative analysis. All pages can be both printed and sent as a PDF file by email. Alternatively a video report is available to create clips of multiple video views, which can either be in web or HD resolution.

Additional modules: The following modules can be used in combination for clinical gait analysis on a walkway:

Top 3

  • Teamolmed, Stockholm (SE)
  • Nachsorgeklinik Tannheim, Villingen-Schwenningen (DE)
  • Sana Kliniken, Sommerfeld (DE)


  • Orthopädisches Spital Speising, AT
  • Sportclinic Zürich, CH
  • Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, US
  • Klinik für manuelle Therapie, DE
  • Rutland Physiotherapy Clinic, UK
  • Women and Infants Hospital of Rhode Island; US, DE
  • Regioklinik Wedel, DE
  • Fondation Hospitalière Sainte Marie, FR DE
  • Academy of Physical Education, PL
  • Diakoniekrankenhaus Friederikenstift, DE
  • ...

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