Dynamic kinematics

In dynamic data acquisition certain values or signals are measured continuously during a defined time period. The resulting data can be visualized by plotting graphs or other diagrams.

dynamic kinematics
Diagram with two angles from different trials

Typical measurements in kinematic motion analysis are:

  • movement of body landmarks in 2D planes or 3D space
  • velocity or acceleration of body landmarks or segments
  • angles between body segments
  • angular velocity or acceleration of body landmarks or segments

such as

  • horizontal position of the hip during a golf swing
  • vertical position of the center of mass during walking
  • height difference of the shoulders during a tennis serve
  • absolute distance between the feet during skiing
  • acceleration of elbow and hand in breast stroke swimming
  • acceleration of particles caused by explosions
  • acceleration of head and neck during a crash test
  • knee angle during the stance phase
  • angle between the skis in ski jumping
  • angular velocity of the hammer in athletics

The resulting graphs are then used to find parameters such as minimum or maximum values. Simple mathematical operations like smoothing, derivation, integration provide additional or modified data that can be used to describe the movement.

dynamic kinematics
Stick diagram of bike kinematics
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