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What is FUSION

 - Enter patient data once
 - Central data storage
 - Integration with any database system
 - Scalable design
 - View all results without additional software
 - MS-SQL database architecture
 - Integration of all analysis systems
 - Scheduling system
 - Improved cooperation between departments
 - More clients
 - Additional adapters
 - Customized development
 - Cloud computing integration
 - Upgraded server (processing power and storage capacity)
 - Backup Power Supply
 - Ethernet network environment
After a client or patient is registered in the FUSION system, a schedule can be created detailing which captures need to be conducted.

This schedule can be optimized based on waiting times, staff availability, and the location of the capture system.
After each capture, the data is automatically stored in the FUSION system under the patient's FUSION profile.

When all of the captures have been finished, the patient can then see his or her attending physician, who will have all of the test results immediately available in his or her office and can go through the test results step by step.
 - Planning and consulting
 - Execution of FUSION integration
 - Consulting
 - Support and Training
 - Installation
 - Custom Solutions
 - Upgrades
 - Maintenance






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