TEMPLO Ergonomic Analysis

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TEMPLO ergonomics

What is TEMPLO Ergonomic Analysis

 - Assure ergonomic guidelines are met
 - Automatic reporting and scoring
 - Specific protocol for client data collection
 - Raw data for further analysis
 - Comparison to ideal ergonomic body positioning
The analyst first must go through a series of questions with the client about pain, working conditions, and mobility throughout the workday. Then, the camera is placed at a lateral position while the client sits at his or her workspace, and an image is captured. The analyst then clicks on various points of the client's body and workspace, and the system automatically calculates related values and compares them to standard values.
Automatically calculated results include head tilt, trunk angle, elbow angle, and knee angle, as well as various raw data points that can be processed by the analyst further. A report comparing the client's positioning to optimal positioning is also generated, and it includes all of the interview questions attained at the beginning of the analysis.
 - System training
 - Support






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