MBT Gait Analysis software goes international

MBT Gait analysis software is now available in a new version for international customers.

Collaboration with MBT International

In collaboration with MBT International the MBT gait analysis software has been further developped and has been equipped with features from the original TEMPLO motion analysis software version 2.0. MBT

TEMPLO's original concept has been so successful that it remains the foundation of our latest release, version 2.0 and is the basis for the OEM product MBT gait analysis software.
This software is a perfect marketing tool for your daily work at the MBT point of sales.


MBT International (Switzerland)

MBT Belgium (B-E-St Moves Bvba)
MBT Denmark A/S
MBT Germany (biodyn GmbH)
MBT Italia srl.
shoe, Masai Barefoot Technology

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Workflow at the MBT point of sales

A structured protocol tailored to the customers' needs and the corporate design of MBT (Masai Barefoot Technology) define the OEM product "MBT gait analysis".

MBT gait analysis Welcome Screen:

• Straight, clear and approved MBT branding
• Structured workflow for maximum time efficiency
• Integrated MBT screensaver
MBT gait analysis Database:

• Flexible database structure
• Automatic generation of person and trial data
• Clear overview of analysis data
MBT gait analysis Video capture:

• Intelligent video management (no file names to deal with)
• Triggered capture with remote control
• Optional pre trigger and post trigger time
• Optional online compression while recording
MBT gait analysis Video comparison:

• 2 views for flexible and optimised comparisons
• Drawing tools for visualization such as cross hairs, arrows, angles, distances, grids etc.
• Zoom in/out features
• Playback speed 10% - 100%
MBT gait analysis Video overlay:

• Video overlay of any clips � automatically synchronised
• Variable transparency
• Rapid access to report pages
• Full screen views
• Widescreen support

Easy operation with remote control

remote control Remote control is available throughout the whole analysis process for presentations with plasma screens or video projectors.

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