Video analysis with mobile telemetric sensors

With TEMPLO® motion analysis software, you can capture movements with high-speed cameras or DV-camcorders and immediately analyse the collected data.

True to our philosophy to create an easy-to-handle product, the NORAXON mobile telemetric system MyoTrace™ 400 has been fully integrated into the system.
motion analysis

Video + EMG, accelerometer, goniometer or other analog sensors

So easy! You just have to press Start and Stop to record the sequence. TEMPLO automatically synchronizes the video recordings with your telemetric data acquisition and assigns the data to the test person, the according test and the defined perspectives. If needed video footage can be compressed in real-time while recording.

The portable telemetric system guarantees easy operation and freedom in motion.

motion analysis
Data Analysis
TEMPLO offers various features to analyse analog data such as bar graphs or diagrams and offers a wide range of drawing and calculating tools for video analysis.

Multiple views
Up to 6 views can be used to display video footage and analog data in order to compare different trials or patients.

Alternatively you can compare trials recorded at various times or test persons.

The powerful report includes a combination of the relevant EMG and motion data and the corresponding video sequences. Automatic reports or individual reports can be printed out or written to a player CD.

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Noraxon MyoTrace™ 400: Portable biofeedback/telemetry system

mobile telemetry myotrace-400

The MyoTrace™ 400 is the latest in portable, handheld measurement technology. It operates with two channels in stand alone mode and 4 channels in PC-mode. A wide variety of compatible “plugin” Noraxon sensors can be used with the MyoTrace™ 400. In addition to SEMG, force transducers, goniometers, inclinometers, accelerometers, hand dynamometers and foot switches can be used to objectively evaluate the functional status of the musculo-skeletal system.
The Bluetooth data transmission on the MyoTrace allows free motion up to 20 m and presents data in real time on the PC monitor.

professional motion analysis software
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