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This is a compilation of our news messages of the year 2005.
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Dec 05 : Sensational video analysis at medical meeting

The sports physicians' meeting in Kaprun (A) hosted an interesting cooperation: After capturing and analysing a 3D movement in alpine skiing Prof. Br�ggemann (Cologne) used his lecture to explain 3D and 2D motion criteria and to derive a simple 2D video analysis. During the following days CONTEMPLAS was creating exactly this video analysis for each participant on the glacier of the Kitzsteinhorn.
More on the sports physicians' meeting.

Nov 05 : Represented twice at MEDICA 2005

The world's biggest trade show for medical equipment, MEDICA, was held in D�sseldorf, Germany. CONTEMPLAS products were shown at the exhibition booths of Diers International and h/p/cosmos.
More on the medical equipment trade show MEDICA 2005.

Oct 05 : Software arouses enthousiasm at orthopaedics show

CONTEMPLAS and their partner currex GmbH presented the motion analysis software TEMPLO at the orthopaedics trade show FBOS in Mainz, Germany, and met an overwhelming interest.
More on the orthopaedics trade show FBOS 2005.

Oct 05 : Motion analysis seminar with B.Gustafsson and TEMPLO

With immediate effect participants of all levels of the gait analysis seminars, held by Bj�rn Gustafsson, can work practically with the new software for motion analysis TEMPLO. First introduction was the expert seminar at the Federal technical college for orthopaedics and podiatry in Hannover, Germany.
More on the expert seminar on motion analysis.

Oct 05 : Partnership with Diers International GmbH

Diers International GmbH is a new sales partner of CONTEMPLAS
The company is a market leader in fast 3D static analysis of the human spine for the markets of orthopaedics and medicine.
With motion analysis software Diers offers their customers a perfect add-on to their existing integrated solutions for force and pressure measurements.
More on motion analysis and spine measurement with Diers.

Oct 05 : Partnership with Savecomp Megascan, Germany

Savecomp Megascan has been successfully serving orthopaedic markets for many years. They are offering long-term approved TekScan technology and equipment for foot pressure measurement with insoles or barefoot.
We are happy to have set up another distribution channel by adding our motion analysis software TEMPLO to the portfolio of Savecomp Megascan.
More on motion analysis and pressure distribution measurement with Megascan.

Sep 05 : Conferences in England and Spain

CONTEMPLAS had booths at the European movement analysis conferences in Salford ('Biomechanics of the lower limb') and Barcelona (ESMAC 2005). During both meetings the new biomechanics software was presented at the industrial exhibition and at the official user group meetings held by Vicon Peak.
More on Salford biomechanics 2005.
More on ESMAC 2005.

Aug 05 : First presentation in Asia

Members of the International Society of Biomechanics in Sports meet each year at the ISBS symposium. In 2005 sports scientists from all over the world came to Beijing (China) and CONTEMPLAS took the chance to present the software to the delegates.
More on ISBS 2005.

Aug 05 : First presentation in North America

The combined symposia of the International Society of Biomechanics (ISB) and the American Society of Biomechanics (ASB) 2005 in Cleveland (USA) were the first appearance on the American market. CONTEMPLAS presented the new motion analysis software as a partner at the Vicon Peak exhibition booth.
More on ISB/ASB 2005.

Jul 05 : Partnership with MBT Germany

MBT-Germany (Masai Barefoot Technology) equips all sales representatives and promoters with an OEM software called "MBT gait analysis".
Additionally MBT Germany is a new sales partner for CONTEMPLAS motion analysis software products.
More on MBT gait analysis.

Jun 05 : Exclusive Sponsoring for German Sports Science

CONTEMPLAS is proud to be the exclusive sponsor for the congress of the German Society of Sports Science (dvs) which will be held in Bad Sassendorf in February 2006.
More on dvs 2006.

Jun 05 : Sports medicine congress GOTS (Munich)

CONTEMPLAS introduces the new motion analysis concept to the delegates from sports medicine and sports science at the German orthopaedic congress GOTS 2005.
More on GOTS 2005.

Jun 05 : ISPGR (Marseille) und EWOMS (Vienna)

CONTEMPLAS attends at two events in Marseille and Vienna together with its VICON partners and presents the new motion analysis software to the public.
More on ISPGR 2005.
More on EWOMS 2005.

May 05 : Partnership with Biometrics France

Biometrics France, based in Orsay Cedex, is a new sales partner of CONTEMPLAS.
The company led by Albert Gaudin has been a Vicon partner for years and has now completed its full range of motion capture and analysis systems: Vicon, Peak Performance, CONTEMPLAS.
More on motion analysis with Biometrics France.

May 05 : Partnership with prophysics AG

prophysics AG, based in Zurich/Switzerland, is a new sales partner of CONTEMPLAS.
Being the representative of Vicon Peak in all German speaking countries prophysics can now offer the most complete selection of motion analysis systems:
Easy, guidelined 2D gait analysis (CONTEMPLAS), flexible video based 3D movement analysis (Peak Performance) and fully automatic 3D motion capture and analysis (Vicon).
More on motion analysis with prophysics.

May 05 : Software is presented at FIBO 2005

The historical date 05/05/05 was the day for the first presentation of the OEM motion analysis software "h/p/cosmos para motion" at the German trade fair 'FIBO 2005'.
More on treadmill analysis with h/p/cosmos para motion.
More on h/p/cosmos

Apr 05 : Partnership with Currex GmbH

Currex, based in Hamburg/Germany, is a new sales partner of CONTEMPLAS.
Additionally both companies are happy to join their knowledge and forces to enhance the software products for gait analysis and treadmill analysis.
More on motion analysis with Currex.

Apr 05 : CONTEMPLAS GmbH is established

CONTEMPLAS is established as a company according to the German GmbH law.
Shareholders are Stefan Klippel, Thomas Seeholzer and OMG plc.
More on this topic.

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