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This is a compilation of our news messages of the year 2006.
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Dec 06 : MBT-gait analysis goes international

In cooperation with MBT International, the MBT gait analysis software (CONTEMPLAS OEM version) - which is already successfully used in Germany - was enhanced and equipped with several new features. Since December 2006, MBT International recommend all their distributing countries to use the MBT gait analysis software for presentation, analysis and marketing purposes.
More about MBT gait analysis

Nov 06 : TEMPLO ready for Microsoft Windows Vista

As a Microsoft-partner, CONTEMPLAS had the possibility to test their video analysis software with the new operating system before its public release. During the course of the development of the new program version Templo 2.0, the developers already considered the new operating system and so the tests with Windows Vista did not imply any problems.
More about TEMPLO and Windows Vista

Oct 06 : Kinemed represents CONTEMPLAS in Chile

Kinemed has specialized on kinesiology and rehabilitation and is a leader in biomechanics in Chile. The company supports and manages the Chilean Society of Biomechanics and organized the first national biomechanics congress in Chile.
More on biomechanics in Chile with Kinemed

Oct 06 : Templo version 2.0 is available

With TEMPLO 2.0 the ambitious user can modify pre-defined analysis templates or create new templates from scratch. The extended report module can also be customized to individual needs. Many features like the creation of a player CD have been simplified.
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Oct 06: New sales partner in Taiwan: Synapse Instruments Inc.

Synapse Instruments provides a wide range of products in the fields of sports medicine, rehabilitation and clinical neurology. In addition to CONTEMPLAS they also represent leading companies such as Novel, Cosmed, CleveMed, Bortec, Measurand and Neurosoft.
More about Synapse Instruments, Taiwan

Sep 06: Mobile golf swing analysis system at GOLF EUROPE 2006

The Golf Academy of Paderborn was present at the European golf trade fair in Munich and presented the unique mobile system TEMPLO GOLF 100: with the combination of software, two high-speed cameras, one notebook and a golf bag with cart, you can perform golf analyses on the driving range or on the golf course.
More about the mobile golf swing analysis and GOLF Europe

Sep 06 : British sport science: BASES 2006

At the BASES conference 2006 mar-Systems demonstrated motion analysis solutions specific to the delegates' research, highlighting the new features of TEMPLO V2.0.
More about BASES 2006

July 06 : 'One Measurement Group' is sales partner in China

One Measurement Group is specialized in providing measurement solutions in biomechanics, sports, rehabilitation and medicine to universities, hospitals, sports research institutes and rehabilitation centers. In addition to CONTEMPLAS they also represent leading companies such as Kistler, Noraxon, Novel, Vicon and Zebris.
More about One Measurement Group, China

June 06 : 'Biomechanical Solutions' becomes Greek sales partner

Biomechanical Solutions' basket of products includes optoelectronic and video capturing of human/animal movement, electromyography, ground reaction forces and foot pressure, isokinetic dynamometry, virtual reality and ergonomics. Their staff has a long term involvement in biomechanical research.
More about Biomechanical Solutions, Greece

June 06 : CONTEMPLAS is ISBS "silver sponsor"

CONTEMPLAS signed a contract with the ISBS and is now "silver sponsor" of the biomechanics society. The main focus of this sponsorship is the ISBS "New Investigator Award" which is awarded during the annual ISBS congress. The sponsorship is part of a long term cooperation between CONTEMPLAS and ISBS.
More about the ISBS congress and the New Investigator Award

May 06 : Sangwoo Scientific is our sales partner in Korea

Sangwoo, our new sales partner in Korea, adds the CONTEMPLAS motion analysis software to their sales products. In addition to our software, Sangwoo also represents Novel, Noraxon, Bertec and Rothballer.
More about Sangwoo Scientific Corp.

May 06 : Trade fair marathon: orthopaedics, rehabilitation and fitness

CONTEMPLAS and their partners were really busy to be present on all the events which took place from April to May 2006: h/p/cosmos presented the tread mill analysis on the FIBO in Essen and Diers attended the GOTS-meeting in Munich. The joint booth (currex and CONTEMPLAS) on the "Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation TechnologiesTrade show ORT-2006" in Leipzig was a great success � not only on the account of a complete gait lab which could be visited on the booth�
More about the Fitness Trade Show FIBO 2006
More about the 'Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation Technologies Fair ORT-2006'

May 06 : New support- and download service for our customers

All our customers and partners can download our latest software in the new CONTEMPLAS Customer Center. The download is free of charge in the first six months. Furthermore, we offer attractive service- and update contracts. The Customer Center also informs about the latest news concerning our software and offers drivers and other software-tools.
More information about the Customer Center

Apr 06 : World�s first mobile high-speed system

CONTEMPLAS is the first company who succeeded in developing a system, which is able to capture synchronously with two 100 Hz high-speed cameras and store the data as AVI-files on the hard disk of a notebook.
More information about the mobile high-speed system.

Apr 06 : High-speed motion analysis

In cooperation with the motion analysis specialist Markus Kling, CONTEMPLAS have set up in Munich the first gait lab using 100Hz high-speed cameras to perform video gait analysis in the daily.
More on this high-speed gait analysis system.

Mar 06 : mar-systems is UK sales partner

mar-systems is a new sales partner for CONTEMPLAS. The company has 'real' hands-on experience and provides software and equipment for gait analysis labs.
More on gait analysis with mar-systems.

Feb 06 : Sponsorship for German Young Investigator Award

Germany's sports scientists for biomechanics, motor control and exercise sciences had their 2006 meeting in Bad Sassendorf. CONTEMPLAS and prophysics were exclusive sponsors for this event and for the young investigator award.
More on dvs 2006.

Jan 06 : Running experts' meeting of the LEX-group and ISPO 2006

The meeting of the running experts of the LEX-group and the international fair for sports equipment ISPO 2006 offered the platform for the initial presentation of the gait-analysis package Templo and motionQuest.
More on the sports equipment trade fair ISPO 2006.
More on the LEX running experts' meeting.

Jan 06 : Integration motionQuest and Templo

In the first weeks of the year 2006, our main focus was on the integration of the motionQuest � software (Currex) into our Templo-software. The result is a video analysis software for experts which provides a personal workout plan (strengthening and stretching) and a individual shoe recommendation based on all running shoes on the market.
More on gait analysis with Templo and motionQuest

Jan 06 : Internet live presentation on your screen

Our motion analysis software can now be presented over the Internet - right on your screen. Simultaneously you can talk to us on the phone and ask all your questions concerning your specific application.
More on live internet presentation.

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