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This is a compilation of our news messages of the year 2008.
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Oct 08 : RUNNERS POINT extends customer services

In parallel to the nationwide equipment of all German RUNNERS POINT shops with the running shoe analysis software TEMPLO, the highly specialized RUN2-shops already realised the next step offering their customers a special service: all video analyses are stored on one central server, so that at any time in the future and in any shop the relevant data can be recalled and comparisons with former analyses can be done in a minimum of time.
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Oct 08 : Completion of the module: Clinical gait analysis

As an enhancement of the software module "gait analysis" CONTEMPLAS will provide with the next version 2.9 some pre-defined analysis protocols for clinical gait analysis. These protocols are particularily suitable for an application on walkways to analyse e.g. patients with neurological pains or for the adaption of prosthesis. All relevant gait parameters will be collected and automatically displayed in a powerful report. A combined application of video cameras and force measuring systems is possible.
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Sep 08 : Video analysis at the Paralympics

A group of scientists from the "The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences (GIH)" have been analysing long jump and other disciplines of disabled elite athletes during the Paralympics 2008 in Beijing/China
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Sep 08 : CONTEMPLAS will be present at the trade show MEDICA 2008

Once again, CONTEMPLAS will be present together with Zebris medical GmbH and Noraxon Inc., USA on one joint booth. In hall 4 booth F22 CONTEMPLAS presents the most innovative and user friendly software for clinical gait analysis and running analysis.
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Sep 08 : Launch of jump analysis software

CONTEMPLAS adds now 3-component-force plates to their range of supported measuring devices. The launch of a jump analysis software combined with a AMTI force plate marks the beginning of a range of different modules and products. The software excels once more in rapidity of data acquisition and management. The software evaluates automatically squat-, countermovement- and drop-jumps. All scientifically relevant parameters are listed immediately after each jump.
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Aug 08 : CONTEMPLAS at the Olympic Games

Since the beginning of the year already, the motion analysis software TEMPLO has been applied at the Beijing Sports University for the training of athletes in preparation of the Olympic Games. The applied 2-camera high-speed video-system has already highly contributed to the perfection of movements in various sports.
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Jul 08 : With high-speed to Seoul, Korea

CONTEMPLAS takes advantage of the ISBS congress to present their unique system able to capture 3 x 200 Hz high-speed video cameras with a standard notebook (Core2Duo, 4GB RAM, 1x250GB HD). CONTEMPLAS show once more their high competence in user-oriented imaging processing and offers a perfect system bridging simple and targeted software and scientific biomechanical standards in sports.
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Jun 08 : Launch of CONTEMPLAS FUSION

After 6 months of intensive development work of the two companies CONTEMPLAS and currex, the Software CONTEMPLAS FUSION will be launched with a training program in 83 medical supplies stores throughout Germany. Supported by manufacturers of different branches, a unique platform was created, which brings together customer and measuring data of all existing analysis systems and which creates an intercompany access.

May 08: New team member in CONTEMPLAS' secretariat

Tanja Mayer will work in the fields of administration and order processing.
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May 08: New business premises

CONTEMPLAS has moved to new business premises in the business park 'Medienfabrik Kempten'.
More about the new office

Apr 08: New developer joined the team

CONTEMPLAS recruited a new employee for research, development and support, Stefan Helas.
More about Stefan Helas

Apr 08: New employee for sales, marketing and support

Daniel Flossbach joins CONTEMPLAS and now works in the sales, marketing and support team.
More about Daniel Flossbach

Mar 08: TEMPLO Version 2.8 released

Many new features have been released with the latest software version. You may rotate your cameras to get a better picture composition and a complete scheme for bike analysis has been added to TEMPLO. CONTEMPLAS customers, who purchased the software within the last 6 months or who have a valid update-contract can download the new version for free.

Feb 08: High-speed system with 6 cameras

Six Basler high-speed cameras type 'Pilot' with 200 frames per second and synchronously captured foot pressure data means really a hard nut to crack even for state-of-the-art hard- and software. CONTEMPLAS can solve the problem: TEMPLO Professional and a powerful Quad-Core-computer. This system can handle the 400 MByte/s. The first system is already in use.
More about the high-speed camera system

Jan 08: Sani Aktuell AG is placing large-scale order

In 2008, more than 75 member stores of the medical supplier Sani Aktuell AG will be expanded to foot competence centres. CONTEMPLAS is charged to integrate and manage all existing measuring systems in one software application. The motion analysis software TEMPLO will therefore become the central interface between the final customer and the medical supplier and aims to provide the perfect inlay.

Jan 08: Ultra portable System with two 200 Hz cameras

Adidas USA gets a portable high-speed video system, consisting of two 200Hz Basler Pilot cameras (VGA), connected to a notebook via Gigabit Ethernet. The cameras are equipped with an akku which allows up to 8 hours of camera use. Like this, the motion analysis system can be used for long analysis periods with no need of any additional power supply.

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