Application of TEMPLO software on Currex seminar

For the first time, the motion analysis software TEMPLO was applied in the course of the practical part of a level III Currex seminar. The seminar took place in the Federal technical college for orthopaedics and podiatry (Bundesfachschule f�r Orthop�dieschuhtechnik) in Hannover.

treadmill analysis videomix treadmill analysis spine

The participants had the chance to practise motion analysis under real life conditions in a fully equipped analysis room.

After having marked a volunteer subject, all video recordings according to the analysis scheme "variant III" (Gustafsson, 2001) were recorded with TEMPLO video analysis software from two perspectives. The recording included barefoot and shoe sequences. The shoe sequences were acquired in parallel with Tekscan foot pressure measurement insoles represented by SaveComp Megascan.

Gait analysis seminar Motion analysis expert seminar

After the recordings, the runner's movements were analysed with the latest TEMPLO version and interpreted by Bj�rn Gustafsson.

New motion analysis software, hands-on

The participants had the possibility to either work with the software themselves or to simply get to know with the procedure. The new software met vivid interest among the attendees as it offers them a stringent practical procedure for their every day work, and integrates important Currex training elements.

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Two CONTEMPLAS customers were among the attendees and we are glad to win another two new customers.

Currex motion analysis seminars

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From now on, all Currex training courses will integrate the TEMPLO video analysis system and the adequate analysis schemes will be provided according to the different training steps.

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