Motion analysis lab with high-speed cameras

CONTEMPLAS have set up in Munich the first gait lab using 100Hz high-speed cameras to perform video gait and running analysis in the daily work.
The new gait center is situated in Munich and a specialist for holistic, physiotherapeutic motion analysis, uses 4 synchronous cameras to analyse the gait movement.

gait analysis dv camera

gait analysis running machine, treadmill

Gait lab, Munich
Setup and technology:

The video sequences for gait analysis are captured by two DV-cameras from lateral left and right, and by two 100Hz high-speed cameras from a dorsal position.
The video analysis software TEMPLO is compressing the enormous data stream in real-time and automatically prepares analysis-relevant views once the video capture is finished.

To guarantee an optimal video quality, special spots are set up which ensure an equal illumination of the analysis location without shades.
An h/p/cosmos treadmill of the product line Quasar completes the professional design of the analysis lab.

Gain for the customer:

In account of the higher image quality and the higher frequency of the high-speed cameras the accuracy of the measurement has been significantly increased in comparison to traditional DV-camcorders.
A deeper insight into the sequence of movements is provided and the intra-individual comparison of running and gait movements can be analysed more detailed.

The whole concept of this gait center combined with the high-end technical equipment is setting new standards in motion analysis.

We want to thank Mr Markus Kling, who greatly supported the realisation of this project with his cooperation. For more information have a look at their website.

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