World’s first mobile high-speed system for everybody!

Mobile 2 or 3-camera high-speed system for biomechanics and sports

Mobile high-speed motion analysis system CONTEMPLAS is the first company who succeeded in developing a system,
which is able to capture synchronously with up to three 100 Hz high-speed cameras and store the data as AVI-files on the hard disk of a notebook.

Due to the high data rate of approx. 30 MB/s per camera, this technology has so far been reserved to desktop-systems. For comparison: in approx. 8 seconds, the cameras fill a complete CD.
On account of special compression algorithms, the amount of data is significantly reduced with the CONTEMPLAS software, without significant quality losses.

The video analysis highly profits from the improved spacial resolution as well as from the increased frequency of the high-speed cameras. The result are precise measuring values.
On account of the online-compression, a post-production process for long-term archiving of the video clips is no longer necessary.

High-end technology for your daily work!

The cameras are connected to the notebook via FireWire cables (IEEE-1394, iLink).
Due to the fact that high-quality cables enable to cover distances of up to 20 m (22 yd) per camera, analyses can be performed even in larger object space.

With this solution, CONTEMPLAS is the world’s first company to offer a mobile multiple camera high-speed system which can be used for both 2D and 3D motion analysis.

Turnkey package

CONTEMPLAS offer their high-speed motion analysis systems also as a turnkey package.
A package contains computer, cameras, tripods and cables. The package is installed and tested as a complete system.

More about video analysis packages.

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