ISBS 2006

International Society of Biomechanics in Sports (ISBS)

The annual conference of the year 2006 was held in Salzburg, Austria.

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ISBS 2006 Salzburg biomechanics in sports
Prof. Dr. Hermann Schwameder, President of the XXIV. International Symposium of Biomechanics in Sports, and his colleagues succeeded to organise a wonderful conference with a great social program and an incomparable atmosphere.
The scientific program offered high-level information and in the evenings, the participants could relax and enjoy the Austrian hospitality and culture.

CONTEMPLAS presented for the first time the new version 2.0 of the motion analysis software TEMPLO.
In addition to the already existing pre-defined analysis patterns for gait analysis, customised video capture and analysis patterns can now be generated. Like this, individual training sequences can be displayed by video feedback or by a test series. All participants estimated this feature to be a very positive and flexible improvement of the software.

The numerous contacts during the software presentation showed clearly the great gain and the manifold application fields of the new version of the video analysis software. Furthermore, the participants of the conference could see a live presentation of the mobile high-speed solution.

CONTEMPLAS supports "Hans Gros New Investigator Award"

Hans Gros ISBS New Investigator Award As the official ISBS "Silver Sponsor" CONTEMPLAS honoured the work of the young investigators in the field of biomechanics in sports.
The winners of the award were selected by a scientific committee and received a diploma and a prize money of 3000 US$ in total.

The winners are:

Jodie Cochrane (Australia)
The effect of lower limb training on muscular support of the knee and risk of anterior cruciate ligament injury
Marianne Gittoes (UK)
A pilot study of the knee joint action contributions to loading in landings performed by females
Gareth Irwin (UK)
Musculoskeletal work in high bar progressions

Ya-Ting Yen (Taiwan)
The relationship between posture stability and one-hand catching
Paul Worsfold (UK)
Force generation at the golf shoe sole to grass turf interface occurring with alternative spike designs
Han Yun Chiang (Taiwan)
Coordination of basketball shooting movement of different skill level players

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