LEX 2006 (running experts, Germany)

For the first time, CONTEMPLAS was invited by the LEX-running experts to present their software at the LEX conference in Mainhausen. We are very glad that our software for a easy and quick treadmill analysis met such vivid interest.

The event of the LEX partners was accompanied by panel discussions and user presentations of motion analysis. We would like to particularly thank Joachim Saukel, owner of the running shop Laufsport Saukel in Kempten, who presented his experience in the daily use of the gait analysis software TEMPLO. He is been using the analysis software in his work with runners in his running shop.

LEX Laufexperten Tagung 2006 The interest of all the running experts present at the CONTEMPLAS booth was tremendous as they all wanted to see the practical demonstration of the software.
So video captures were made on-the-spot, which were controlled by an infrared remote control.
The little time necessary to register a client in the data base, to capture the videos and to carry out a comparative analysis persuaded the experts and was estimated to be an important tool for the daily work in the running shops.

So we are very glad to welcome some new customers among the LEX experts. Those who first wanted to test the gait analysis software for a certain time in their daily work, will surely be convinced by its easy handling and its performance. Some of them have already given us a very positive feedback...

LEX running experts Homepage.

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