CONTEMPLAS was represented twice at MEDICA 2005

From 16-19 of November 2005 the MEDICA, the world's biggest trade show on medical equipment, was held in D�sseldorf, Germany.
CONTEMPLAS and the products for gait and movement analysis were represented at that fare by two companies:

orthopedics meeting One exhibitor was Diers International, showing our products in combination with their integrated motion analysis suite 'DiCam' and their 3D spine measurement system.
Visitors could see how easy and fast it is to work with a patient: Personal data is entered only once for several measurement systems and individual reports can be printed with a few mouse clicks.
orthopedics meeting Another representative was h/p/cosmos, a leading manufacturer of high quality treadmills.
They rebuilt a small gait analysis lab on their booth to give customers the opportunity to experience the advantages of the motion analysis software in a realistic environment.
Interested visitors had the chance to walk on the treadmill and got a live presentation of the software.

The MEDICA also attracted many people from around the world.
Thus, many international contacts with customers and companies have been made, which will lead CONTEMPLAS to an enhanced worldwide network.

We want to say thank you to our partners for their engagement and competent presentation of our products.

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