Sports physicians: Lecture of Prof. Brüggemann

In December 2005, the sports physician' meeting (Sportärztewoche) took place in Zell am See.

Prof. Dr. Gert-Peter Brüggemann (Cologne)

Biomechanics and performance optimization in alpine skiing

In a workshop seminar, hosted in the AlpinCenter (2450m) on the Kitzsteinhorn on December 5th 2005, Prof. Dr. Gert-Peter Brüggemann showed the physicians a compact survey concerning the state-of-the-art of motion analysis in alpine skiing.

Brüggemann biomechanics ski Both 2D-motion analysis and 3D-motion analysis contents were discussed and presented.

One of the key points of his presentation was the analysis of the 3D data of the skier collected the previous day.

It was very impressive to see Mr Brüggemann reducing 3D data information to 2D criteria, in order to give help and hints for the every day use of video analysis in sports.

Using the motion analysis software TEMPLO, these 2D-criteria were displayed immediately.
Brüggemann kinematics skiing Prof. Brüggemann described in detail how to use them for the analysis and judgement of motion quality in slalom skiing.

As an example, the centre of gravity of the skier was marked from the lateral and frontal perspective by means of a cross hair.

The audience could easily see whether the skier - when passing the gate - had his CoG within or behind the binding area.

The presentation was the link to the video analysis of each participant of the meeting planned for the rest of the week.

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