Video analysis of skiing at sports medicine meeting

The sports physicians' meeting (Sportaerztewoche) in Zell am See took place from 3rd to 9th December 2005.
Once more, the Grand Hotel on the shore of the Zeller See (lake) provided the great ambience for the participants of the meeting and offered ideal conditions for a successful week.
It was for the first time that CONTEMPLAS attended this meeting and it should become an extraordinary event for all participants:

3D motion analysis of a skier

CONTEMPLAS had the ambitious aim to demonstrate motion analysis to the sports physicians on the piste.

Sports medicine video analysis station In cooperation with Prof. Brüggemann from the German Sports University, Cologne (Deutsche Sporthochschule, Köln), CONTEMPLAS carried out a 3D motion analysis of a top skier on the glacier of the Kitzsteinhorn at an altitude of 3000 m.
The snow conditions on the Kitzsteinhorn were excellent.

The analysis results were presented to the physicians by Prof. Dr. Gert-Peter Brüggemann during his lecture.

Video analysis of the participants and Après-Ski-discussion

On the days to follow, CONTEMPLAS carried out video analyses of the participants on the glacier, and presented the analysis results in the course of the Après Ski Cocktail. Every day after the skiing classes and the practical seminars in the AlpinCenter on the Kitzsteinhorn, the participants met in the hotel.
The subsequent scientific lectures took also place at the hotel.

sports medicine video analysis ski The participants were able to watch their own movement and the according analysis as a power point presentation on a giant screen.
When passing the gate, the position of the trunk was recorded from a lateral view and the angle of the skis to the snow of the right and left leg was measured from a frontal view.
For this, a crosshair was used as a qualitative analysis tool and an angle measurement as a quantitative analysis tool.

All participants were divided into groups and were compared with their ski instructor. Especially for the dynamic motion analysis, using the video overlay feature of a lateral and a frontal perspective as an analysis tool, the comparison of the ski instructor and the participant was very impressive as the differences in body and ski movement could be clearly visualised.
Further to the technical aspects, the presentation of the own movement was an interesting experience for the sports physicians and gave rise to vivid discussion.

Closing banquet

The meeting was rounded off by a traditional buffet with wine tasting.

sports medicine buffet The discussions concerning the correct technique of giant slalom were proceeded due to the fact that a final ski race was part of the next day’s program.

CONTEMPLAS wants to thank all participants for the great interest and the numerous participation at the video analysis - which may have helped someone or other to reach a better score at the racing event...

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