Sports physicians: Video analysis on the glacier

In December 2005, the sports physician' meeting (Sportärztewoche) took place in Zell am See.

Sports medicine video analysis ski After Prof. Brüggemann’s survey of motion analysis criteria for skiing - presented to the sports physicians in his workshop seminar - the participants had the possibility to use their knowledge in practice.

For this reason, CONTEMPLAS set up a video analysis facility on the glacier.

Approx. 60 skiers were happy to take the chance to get analysed.

Video analysis facility (altitude 3000m, temperature -16°C)

Similar to the 3D video analysis two DV-camcorders were connected synchronously to a notebook, so that the motion sequences could be captured directly from both camera perspectives in realtime.
In only 20 minutes the mobile analysis facility was ready for use. In another 25 minutes video recordings of 6 groups with respectively 8-14 skiers and their skiing instructors (as a reference for each group) were carried out.

Sports medicine video analysis ski The complete video analysis facility was run without any external power supply.

With temperatures below -16°C, it became impossible to operate the notebook manually. The notebook's touch pad was not working any more.
But this was not really a problem because the IR remote control integrated in the motion analysis system TEMPLO, made it easy to capture the video clips of the skiers.

CONTEMPLAS is really proud that both hardware and software did stand the challenge and that the smooth flow of the analysis was not disturbed at any time.

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