TEMPLO V2017.2

 More functions. More possibilities. More performance.


+ Revised recording process
- More powerful recording process
- Increased data throughput
- Shorter response time of the software
  due to the construction of the live view
  and post recording stop
- Support of all GigE vision camera manufacturers

+ New function for person groups
Work faster by "grouping"

+ Display multiple force vectors simultaneously
One force vector per plate

+ Integration of Cometa System
Wireless, synchronous capture of
EMG-signals und videodata

+ Integration of Medilogic WLAN insole
Synchronous capture of Medilogoc WLAN insole
and videodata

+ More possibilities with offset setting
Adjustable offset for different A/D devices

+ Enhanced security in webservices by https



+ New function!
Automated Colour-LED-Tracking
Colour- LED marker
- Various angle-constellations
- Multiple camera perspectives
- Automatic detection of LED positions
- Complex models are possible
- Automatic interpolating
  with feedback control

- Waterproof LED marker

+ New functions for
TEMPLO Jump Analysis

- Direct access to the recording process
- Display of one force vector per plate
- Individually selectable parameters
- Comprehensive analysis of data
  with respective value table
- Direct comparison of video and force data
- Comprehensive report including
  parameters, tables and graphs
- One report page per recording
- Report page for the comparison of 2 jumps
- Extended data export

+ New functions for
module TEMPLO
Functional Screening 
Analysis of functional movements with different established screening protocols

+  New functions for
module TEMPLO Swiming Performance Analysis
Analysis of performance-determining parameter in swimming (also available as a stand-alone solution: TEMPLO Swim Race Analysis)
e.g. stroke length, number of strokes per lane and much more

+ Bugfixes
- Bugfix for USB3 cameras
- Bugfixes for large AVI-files
- Bugfix: AviReader with deinterlacing
- Bugfixes in translator

New Hardware

+ Modular platform system
Patented concept for the creation of lab flooring with integrated force or pressure plates.



+Special cam with new features
- Frame rate of 100 frames per second
   in 2 MP resolution
- Power supply via PoE
- Single GigE-connector
  (only one cable necessary)
- Increase of frame rate by AOI