TEMPLO V2018_1

 One for all. This release has something to offer for everybody!


+ Individualizable Database
- Assign Patient IDs uniquely
- Configurate database individually
- Use search– and sort functions
- Export customer data more easily

+ Multilingualism
- Chinese version available
- Translation tool for all languages available upon request

+ Automated LED-Marker-Tracking
- Legend for results and calibration
- Display movement angles and trajectories in video
- Angles and trajectories can be inserted into the video and adapted individually
- Place maximum gap for interpolation
- Additional report pages
- Automatic generation of a report with diagram label

+ Powerful technologies
- Significantly increased performance of multi-camera systems
- Support of the latest camera generations with GigE and USB3 connection
- Enlargement of the integration of DelSys EMG: Goniometer with calibration

+ Data protection
TEMPLO version 2018.1 assists you in the binding implementation of GDPR from May 25th, 2018:
- TEMPLO assists you in the complete deletion of personal and analysis data.
- Avoid access of personal data on the screen by using patient –ID in the database.
- Anonymize video- and measurement files by renaming the filenames, for example in patient ID–date-time or a random string.


+ New functions for
TEMPLO Jump Analysis

- Optimization of test processes
- Processing of test batteries via external demand (e.g. PolyConnect)
- New report-pages for CMJ, DJ, SJ, when using two force plates

+ New functions for
TEMPLO Swiming Performance Analysis

- Menu adjustments, for a better usability
- Report Template for "Turn Analysis"

- New protocol for „Turn Analysis"
- Completion of parameter list for Timing Analysis, e.g. „start time"
- Display of camera name with event definition and image replication
- Complete manual in German and English available
- Analysis of start phase    
- Analysis of competitions

+ New functions for
Functional Screening
- Y-Test: Automatic take over of measured values into the report
- FMS: Automatic Calculation of TOTAL Scores
- BASES: Screening now available in German/English
- BASES: Extended report pages



+ New functions for
- Picture import possible
- Support of most common image formats (.jpeg, .png, .gif, .bmp)
- Clicking order of stand and seated workstations is adapted
- Hardware enhancements: Additional lighting, higher tripod, new transport case with document pocket

+  New functions for
- Up to 100x faster export of videos
- Up to 3x faster export of rotating videos
- Concurrent export of videos by use of all processors

+  Bugs
- Error when creating a user is corrected
- Diagram label is corrected
- Displayed text on „Marquard"- report pages is corrected.
- Result presentation for the person-search function is corrected
- Spelling mistakes in the BASES-translation are eliminated
- Crash problem at a large time offset in the swimming analysis is eliminated