User report: Orthopaedic Clinic Speising, Vienna (A)

The gait and motion analysis lab at the Orthopaedic Clinic Speising uses the TEMPLO software for their running and Nordic walking analysis on the treadmill (h/p/cosmos).

gait and motion analysis orthopaedic clinic Speising Orthopaedic clinic Speising TEMPLO is a perfect completion of our 3D motion analysis system which is used in cases where a complex gait analysis is necessary.

It is very important for our running analyses that the analysis of the captured video data can be provided quickly and the TEMPLO software is really perfect for this.

The clearly structured menu navigation in the program helps to carry out the different steps of the video capture.

The report module enables a quick printout of the results so that they can be discussed immediately with the patient.

For a better understanding of the results, the videos can be displayed in the full-screen-mode and if necessary an additional explanation can be given using arrows or other graphic tools. Due to the easy handling and the structured menu navigation, it is no problem to introduce it to new operators in a minimum of time.

The software is really a very useful completion of our existing analysis programs.

Ing. Mag. Andreas Kranzl
Technischer Leiter
Laboratory for gait and motion analysis
Orthopädisches Spital Speising GmbH
1130 Wien, Austria

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