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"They arouse little attention, but they are subject to great strain – our feet."

At the example of a hobby jogger and a walker, the TV report shows that we realize our feet only when they cause problems or pain.
The NUMO Systems gait analysis lab tries to get to the bottom of feet problems: After a static examination a dynamic measurement of the pressure distribution in the gait cycle is carried out.
And finally a CONTEMPLAS treadmill analysis: "A camera captures every movement from the dorsal perspective. A wrong position of the feet can have consequences on the upper part of the body. In slow motion every movement and every wrong position can be detected and analysed."

Numo Systems gait analysis TV

Analysing and measuring the videos with the TEMPLO software, Laurent Hoffman realises, that in the present case in the stance phase of the foot "the foot is inwards rotated", which can put too great strain on certain tendons.
As a result of the collected information, the problems of the hobby jogger could be solved with the prescription of insoles. She can now jog free of pain again.

Numo Systems NUMO ("new motion") Systems, created by outsourcing the research lab "shoe center" of the worldwide manufacturer of sports articles adidas, is a corporation, which was registered in the commercial register of Zurich end 1999.

The proprietor Laurent Hoffmann works with a team of eight. The company is market leader in Switzerland in clinical gait and running analysis and in the manufacture of insoles.
The many years of experience provide a sound expertise. Since the foundation of NUMO Systems and during the 10 years of research in the the adidas shoe center, 20,000 clinical gait analyses have been made and over 24,000 pairs of insoles have been manufactured (until 2003).

NUMO Systems gait analysis labs can be found in Dietikon, in Basel, in Lausanne and in Locarno.

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