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Nuyken Orthop�die is an innovative company which wants to offer their customers an optimum of service and support.
In the summer of 2004, in the course of a company extension, we began with the planning of a modern laboratory for gait analysis. As the modernisation was to be carried out only in the year to follow, we had enough time to collect information about the existing systems.
In the course of my inquiries, I personally met Bj�rn Gustafsson (currex GmbH), who was already well known to me due to his various publications. So it suggested itself to acquire in several currex trainings the necessary knowledge of the day-to-day handling of video analysis.

Nuyken gait laboratory treadmill I remember numerous discussions with Bj�rn concerning the lack of usability of the software of that time.

In May 2005 � near completion of our gait analysis lab � I saw the first screenshots of the brand-new software Templo (CONTEMPLAS) and I was really enthusiastic.
In our business it is very important to have a maximum of time for our customers.

We were no longer willing to accept the many unnecessary, time-wasting and repeated steps for data acquisition, storage and analysis and for printout of a detailed report necessary when working with the existing software.
So we decided to adjourn the opening of our gait analysis lab until the new software Templo was completed.

Nuyken motion analysis software We didn�t have to wait for a long time until we received the first versions of the software, which convinced by a trouble-free and stable work from the beginning. The structured protocol enables you (and e.g. new members of your staff) to quickly familiarize with the program.
We have been successfully using the software for several months now and we have always been looking forward to the innovative ideas and news provided in regular updates.

For all beginners or all those who want to perform a quick and easy-to-handle motion analysis, it is really worth to have a closer look at Templo.
If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Andr� Nuyken, 10.01.2006 ( eMail)

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