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In November 2005, the medical store Rosenkranz&Scherer opened a new branch shop in the medical center of Kelkheim.

medical store Rosenkranz Scherer treadmill and gait analysis lab In this biggest medical center of the region (Vordertaunus) an analysis lab was created, which provides the latest equipment for body and motion analysis as for example the DIERS system for a 3-D-spine analysis, the Foot Checker force platform and the TEMPLO motion analysis software designed by CONTEMPLAS.
In November and Dezember 2005, over 100 motion analyses have been carried out..

The sports scientist Frank Schädler carries out the analyses and he assures that within the 15 years he is been working in the field of motion analysis "no computer-aided system is as stable as the TEMPLO software. I have never had any problem with this software."
90 percent of the customers coming to the medical center are sent by the surrounding general physicians or orthopaedists.

medical store Rosenkranz Scherer treadmill analysis software "They require exact measuring data and a clear report. Even with the basic version, I can work out a sound profile, barefoot and with shoes, in only 20 minutes," confirms Schädler.

Distinctive features of the walking or running profile showing differences to the standard values provided by the system are measured or marked separately by the sports scientist: "I show these differences in the full screen mode to the patient and store the image with two clicks in the report. It is really very simple."

The joint angles can be measured as absolute values or as an orthopaedic angle. Physicians concentrate mostly on the orthopaedic angles.
The cooperation with the physicians is very good. After having a look at the report, a prescription for two pairs of insoles is rarely a problem.
Motion expert Schädler is pleased: "It is really profitable for our store".

Once the fabrication of the insoles is finished, Schädler can recommend the suitable shoe to his patients. The program is small but select: "We have grouped our range of walking shoes into 5 different categories of stability. Depending on the Achilles tendon angle the mostly suitable walking shoe is selected".
This feature rounds off the whole consultation. After a spine analysis, a foot pressure measurement and a TEMPLO motion analysis, the patient is "brought on his feet" again...

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