User report: Laufsport Saukel, Kempten (LEX)

The CONTEMPLAS TEMPLO motion analysis software enables a quick and exact evaluation of the captured video data with different graphic analysis possibilities.

Laufsport Saukel The software is very easy to handle, so our staff was able to use the software without having to read a voluminous user manual.

The short response time of the program enables a parallel handling of several customers on the treadmill. The registration of a new customer or the administration of already existing customer data is really no problem with this software.
Stored video files can be packed and therefore a long term data administration is possible - which is very important for us.
TEMPLO is therefore a very useful application software which facilitates enormously our daily work!

Joachim Saukel,
Alexander Vorwerck
Laufsport Saukel, Kempten
LEX-Laufexperte (running expert)

Laufsport Saukel
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