Video analysis with Microsoft Windows Vista TM

CONTEMPLAS is ready for the Windows XP - successor

From January 30, 2007 "Microsoft Windows Vista" will be available for the public and will be pre-installed on a great number of new computers. Five years after the release of Windows XP, Microsoft’s main objective for their new operating system is to improve the state of security and to provide many new features and graphic effects.

video analysis with Windows Vista In spite of a great number of effects and animations, the Vista user interface "Aero" performs smoothly with hardware-accelerated 3D-features (DirectX) and implies a minimum of load for the main processor.

As a Microsoft partner, CONTEMPLAS has already had a good look at the new operating system and after some beta-versions now received the final version.

Video analysis software works with Windows VistaTM

During the course of the development of the new program version Templo 2.0, the developers already considered the new operating system and so the tests with Windows Vista did not imply any problems.

CONTEMPLAS successfully tested their motion analysis software also with "Windows Vista Home Basic", for a professional use of the software, however, the use of "Home Premium" resp. "Business" or "Ultimate" is recommended.

Editions of Windows Vista TM

Similar to Windows XP, the new operating system will be available in different editions, of which the following will be the most important:

  • Windows Vista Home Basic
  • Windows Vista Home Premium
  • Windows Vista Business
  • Windows Vista Ultimate

You will find further information about Vista and the different editions at Wikipedia and Microsoft.

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