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CONTEMPLAS has a close collaboration with the following companies in order to improve the productive efficiency and capability of the motion analysis software for the end user.

Zebris Currex Amcube Tekscan medilogic Photon Focus
RS Scan AMTI Kistler Baumer Noraxon menios
Microgate National Instruments Axis Datatranslation Basler iDS
Stemmer Imaging Pleora Technologies Delsys Inc. Bertec ALGE Omega
BMWI - ZIM Projects

Myon AG Myon AG
Sonnenrain 75
6103 Schwarzenberg
Fon: +41 44 586 96 67

myon was founded in 2009 to develop the myon hardware based on more than 10 years' experience with EMG and wireless transmission technology. Together, myon and prophysics launched the EMG system and proEMG software in 2009, and we have since sold to more than a dozen countries worldwide. We pride ourselves on being customer-driven and flexible, and are therefore pleased to launch the next generation of the myon hardware as well as new versions of the proEMG and proACTIVE software packages – all developed as a direct result of feedback obtained from customers.

professional motion analysis software
Albert-Einstein-Strasse 6
87437 Kempten
+49 (831) 254 369 20
+49 (831) 564 53 28
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