For more than ten years CONTEMPLAS GmbH has been developing software solutions to analyse movements in different application fields. The professional motion analysis software is used, for example, in prosthetics and insole treatment, to sell the perfect running shoe, to optimize and control complex movement patterns in competitive sports, for material tests in industry or for veterinary-based analysis.
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Retail Picture Retail

For shop environment TEMPLO Motion Analysis Software analyses running movements fast and efficiently.
The software assist the seller in shoe recommendation.

Sport Picture Sport

The motion analysis software TEMPLO and VICON MOTUS are used for ten years successfully in the diagnostics of many different sports.

Medicine Picture Medicine

CONTEMPLAS offers to medical staff a wide range in software solutions to make the clinical practice easier and more efficiently.

Industry Bild Industry

For industrial applications CONTEMPLAS offers sophisticated analysis systems that are capable of capturing high speed video from multiple perspectives.

Veterinary Picture Veterinary

CONTEMPLAS develops software solution for capturing and analysing animal movements.


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