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What is TEMPLO Bike Analysis

 - Integrated database
 - Multi-Camera support
 - Customizable workflow
 - User defined report functions
 - Automatic marker tracking
 - Synchronization of different perspectives
 - System scalability
 - Additional cameras/perspectives
 - Spot lights
 - EMG
 - Mobile system
 - Pedal pressure measurement
 - Markers
 - LED lighting
First, a new entry is added to the database, along with any relevant contact information or information about their current bike preferences or settings.
The customer or client is then taken into the analysis area where they are seated on a stationary bike or fitting setup with one or more cameras positioned around them. The analyst captures video of the client riding at different positions and is able to easily compare the biomechanical differences between each configuration and its subsequent effects on the cyclist's posture. Additionally, markers can be used to track knee and ankle movement as well as hip motion.
Users are able to view angle data as well as compare and synchronize video captured from multiple perspectives. One can compare up to 6 videos simultaneously and observe what the optimal cycling position for a client is. Pictures and tracking data can be easily incorporated into a report, which can be printed or emailed to the customer.
 - Planning and consulting
 - Training and support
 - Hardware recommendations
 - System installation
 - Custom built hardware solutions







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