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What is TEMPLO Running Analysis

 - Multiple camera support
 - Customizable workflow
 - Integrated client database
 - Stationary and mobile solutions
 - Analysis tools
 - Marker tracking
 - Running specific analysis protocols from
   Matthias Marquardt and Björn Gustafsson
 - A/D integration
 - Synchronized video capture
 - Customizable, automatic reporting
 - EMG integration
 - Force plate/treadmill integration
 - Permanent camera mounts
 - Retroreflective markers
 - LED spotlights/floodlights
 - MOTIONQUEST integration for shoe selection and training recommendation
 - Additional cameras
 - Higher frame rate/resolution cameras
After database entries have been created with all relevant information, athletes are instructed to run normally on a treadmill while they are captured from several camera perspectives. After the capture, the running specialist can review the videos and measure knee angles, the angle of pronation, and track markers. In addition, synchronized three-dimensional force data and EMG data can also be analyzed alongside video data within TEMPLO. All information can then seamlessly be inputted into customized report pages and given to the client.
Users can generate customized report pages that follow a predetermined protocol or workflow. These can include text as well as images that show the knee angle during the gait cycle, the angle of pronation, marker tracking data, as well as EMG and force data (when integrated). Reports can be personalized with logos, and various templates exist that can include multiple images along with text.
 - Laboratory planning
 - Custom hardware design and implementation
 - Training and support
 - System installation
 - Hardware recommendations







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