TEMPLO Golf Analysis

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What is TEMPLO Golf Analysis

 - Multiple camera support
 - High speed and high resolution
 - Automatic reporting
 - Defined workflow
 - Analysis tools
 - Video Synchronization
 - 6 video comparison
 - Angle measurement
 - Marker tracking
 - Integrated client database
 - Enhanced visibility of swing mechanics
 - Pressure measurement
 - Higher frame rate cameras
 - EMG
 - Force Plates
 - Additional cameras
 - Higher resolution/frame rate cameras
 - Retroreflective markers
 - LED lighting
Golf coaches are able to easily modify their system to suit there specific needs according to their training plans. Coaches can annotate on report pages and easily compare the swings of their students to those of professional golfers or other students.
The main results are high speed/high resolution videos which can be played back frame-by-frame and annotated with analysis tools. Still images with graphical elements as well as written annotations can be provided to students in customized report compilations.
 - Customer support
 - Training
 - Consulting and planning
 - Custom hardware development







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