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CONTEMPLAS accessories

Templo accessories

 - Multiple sizes of retroreflective markers available
 - LED spotlights and flood lights
 - Camera+lighting mounts
 - Stationary, ceiling mounted 3D calibration setup
 - Portable 3D calibration frame
 - Small volume calibration for force vector analysis
 - 2D calibration panels
 - Calibration floor mats
 - Visually attractive to customers
 - Up to 3 cameras housed
 - 4 LED spotlights installed
 - Custom branding
 - Portable, light weight tripods
 - Stationary, adjustable height mounts
 - V-frame for 3D posture with lighting
 - Perfect for out of reach mounting
 - Motorized lense
 - 330° horizontal movement
 - 360° vertical movement
 - IP-66 compliant

Markers and lighting


Analysis stations

Camera mounts

PTZ cam housings


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