Complete systems

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Turnkey systems

CONTEMPLAS provides fully customized stationary analysis systems. All of our systems are built in house, and every piece of hardware is tested to ensure that it functions properly.

 - Custom built desktop computers
 - Preconfigured cameras
 - Preinstalled operating system and software
 - Functional use stress test
 - A/D configuration and testing
 - Storage of CPU image backup
CONTEMPLAS offers mobile systems for your "Analysis on the go" needs. We acquire the proper notebook computer for you and make sure that it has the correct specifications required to fulfill your capture and analysis requirements. Every notebook PC is tested and preconfigured to save you time.

 - Preinstallation of operating system and software
 - Preconfiguration of cameras
 - Testing of all equipment
 - Specific function stress test
 - Storage of CPU image backup

Stationary systems



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