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What is plantar pressure measurement

Pressure treadmills allow for prolonged measurement of a patients' gait cycle. With integrated pressure plates under the treadmill belt, pressure treadmills are able to gather accurate plantar pressure data without the need for a long walkway.
TEMPLO can integrate pressure treadmills from the following manufacturers:
 - FDM-T system
 - 5000 sensors
 - 150cm x 50cm measurement area
 - USB connection
 - Capacitive sensors
 Sensor Medica:
 - RunTime treadmill
 - 200 Hz sampling rate
 - USB connection
 - 120cm x 40cm measurement area
 - Resistive sensors
Pressure plates come in various different sizes, from small plates meant to measure a single step, to longer walkways meant to measure an entire gait cycle.
TEMPLO can integrate pressure plates from the following manufacturers:
 - T&T Medilogic
 - Zebris
 - RS Scan
 - Tekscan
 - Footplate
 - amcube
 - Sensor Medica
Pressure insoles are placed inside of the shoe and measure pressure data while a subject is moving on any surface.
TEMPLO can can integrate pressure insoles from the following manufacturers:
 - Tekscan
 - amcube




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