Motion analysis module: High-speed video

With the module "high-speed video", the TEMPLO motion analysis software provides a tool to capture and immediately analyse quick movements.

True to the philosophy of CONTEMPLAS – as simple as possible – several high-speed cameras can be captured synchronously at the push of a button and the resulting video clips can be immediately played.

Better view – better understanding!

The following features guarantee a really simple use of the module:
high-speed motion analysis notebook

Video capture
It is really easy: just press start and stop to capture a video sequence. TEMPLO is doing the rest and automatically assigns the video clips to the test persons, to their trials and to the defined perspectives. Parameters as brightness, white balance and contrast can easily be assigned in the software.

It is no problem at all to capture additional external measuring data as e.g. EMG, force plates or foot pressure devices or other analogue devices. The different devices will automatically be synchronised.

The high-speed module enables the user to define whether the video clips should be mirrored or rotated 90, 180 or 270 degrees. Like this, a highly efficient use of the videos can be achieved.

During the video capture process, the data streams are compressed in real-time and stored on the hard disk. The video clips are therefore available in the playback-mode directly after video capture.

Different technologies for different requirements

The possible spatial (in pixels) and temporal resolution (in frames per second) of the different cameras depends – analogue to prices for cameras and cable – on the technology you use. CONTEMPLAS meets the different requirements of the customers providing a wide product range.

GigE Vision high-speed camera Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) high-speed cameras
Modern network technology can be used to connect cameras. One of the advantages is the unlimited cable length.
More about Gigabit Ethernet high-speed cameras
USB-2 high-speed camera USB-2 high-speed cameras
The USB-2 interface is available at all current computers and is especially used to install low-budget systems.
More about USB-2 high-speed cameras
FireWire high-speed camera FireWire (IEEE-1394) high-speed cameras
This interface can not only be used to connect DV-cameras. For years, different manufacturers have offered interesting models, as e.g. Basler A602
More about FireWire high-speed cameras

Portable high-speed systems
CONTEMPLAS video technology is optimised for mobile applications! You can use up to three high-speed cameras with an especially configured notebook.
Up to six high-speed cameras can be connected to current desktop computers.

Combination of high-speed cameras and DV-camcorders
Using the video analysis software TEMPLO, you can connect and capture high-speed cameras and DV-camcorders at the same time. Typical configurations are for example two high-speed cameras and two DV-camcorders. In the playback-mode, TEMPLO recognises both frequencies correctly and always supplies the right image.

Turnkey packages

high-speed motion analysis system
CONTEMPLAS offer their high-speed motion analysis systems with notebook or PC as ready to use turnkey package.

The package contains computer, cameras, tripods and cables. The systems are completely installed and tested.

More on turnkey motion analysis systems.

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