Motion analysis module: Jump analysis

CONTEMPLAS developed a software to evaluate jumping performances on a force platform.

jump analysis Once more, the software excels in rapidity of data acquisition and data management. You can select different jumps: countermovement, squat and drop jumps.

These classic types of jump are standardized in order to work in the field of performance diagnostics for recording and analysing jump forces.

The software generates a list of all relevant parameters and provides an excellent overview of significant physical and temporary values.

countermovement jump

The list of the shown parametes can be individually adapted to your needs.

The jump analysis module can be used as a stand-alone product, though it is aimed to be completely integrated in the motion analysis software TEMPLO in a near future, in order to perform video analysis (if desired with high-speed video) in parallel to the jump analysis.

The complete system is finally meant to be used as a portable system to perform automised feedback training.

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