Motion analysis module: foot pressure measurement

As all the other modules, the foot pressure measurement module is seamlessly integrated in the software. This integration of pressure measurement systems enables the user to capture foot pressure data (using floor mats or insole systems) and DV-video clips or high-speed video clips synchronously.
One of our main goals is to provide simple to use solutions: so the user just has to select the name of the applied system and can start working.
Foot pressure measurement is integrated in the following elements of the software.

Data acquisition
TEMPLO provides an automatic synchronisation of pressure data and video clip: you can see the live video image and the pressure graphics side by side and at the push

of a button you can start the data acquisition. TEMPLO is doing the rest.
The video and pressure data are automatically assigned to the test person, the test and the selected perspectives.

TEMPLO® offers manifold functions to analyse your foot pressure data: 3D graphics, gait track or pressure/force diagrams.
pressure distribution measurement

Different video sequences can be compared in pre-defined patterns, e.g. comparison of insole 1 and insole 2.

According to the selected analysis situations, you can easily generate a final report including a clear presentation of the foot pressure data combined with the video views. You decide which situation and which 3D-graphic of the pressure data will appear in this report and you can also add your individual comment.

Step determination by pressure measurement

If you are working with our so called "gait determination" to carry out a professional gait analysis, the module foot pressure measurement can be used to identify the initial contact (heel strike) and the terminal contact (toe off). Like this you can determine further gait-specific parameters as cadence, step length, double support, etc.

For which products is this module available?

The module foot pressure measurement can be purchased as an add-on. It is already included in the software package TEMPLO Professional.

Which manufacturers are supported?

We are working with all leading pressure distribution measurement systems. The number of these systems is continually extended. The following systems are already supported or are in preparation for:

● Zebris
● T&T Medilogic
● Tekscan
● RSscan International

If the system you use does not occur in the above list, please contact us directly.

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