TEMPLO motion analysis: research and teaching

The TEMPLO motion analysis offers new possibilities for research and teaching to have a structured look at subjects in the field of biomechanics, sports and medicine. For research and teaching this approach is meant to forge links to day-to-day work. As an example: results of studies in medicine or sports could be transferred – with the help of the software – to the daily work in practice.
Therefore the software aims to optimize video analysis for the practical work:

Create analysis patterns for the daily work
Whether in sports, orthopaedics or physiotherapy, in all areas movements are to be analysed, evaluated and documented in a minimum of time. With a structured analysis scheme, you can focus on the essential and you keep track.

Create a practical link to research and teaching
In research, the students and scientists focus on a targeted analysis of human movements in different situations. Taking advantage of its flexible structure, video analysis could contribute to create analysis schemes for practical use, as for example spine analysis, dynamic movements in the field of occupational medicine, posture analysis, etc.

Simple application of biomechanical analysis criteria
With the aid of the developed analysis schemes, the analysis criteria can be aligned with the so-called biomechanical principles. TEMPLO motion analysis provides measuring and analysis tools to work through these principles and to document them.

Promotion of cooperation with coaches
Especially in the field of sports sciences, TEMPLO is meant to breach the gap between theory and practice. National training centers or specific training facilities can take advantage of the fact that training contents are tightly focussed by video analysis and they profit of the clear structure and the rapidity of results.
For example the start of a swimmer: you can pre-define the number of athletes in the TEMPLO software, the number of trials with different specifications and finally the required comparison of the trials, e.g. athlete 1 and athlete 3 – 1st start, athlete 2 and athlete 4, 2ndstart, etc.. The pre-defined sequence is performed in the training and the athletes have the possibility to get a feedback in so far unknown rapidity.

Forum for analysis schemes
In the immediate future, CONTEMPLAS is providing a forum for analysis schemes in the internet, where all users of all sections in biomechanics, sports and medicine can exchange their practical experience and develop new ideas.

Templo Basic, Standard and Professional

In order to translate these aims into practice, the whole product range of TEMPLO can be used. Starting with the TEMPLO Basic version to create analysis schemes up to the higher versions TEMPLO Standard and TEMPLO Professional, which provide enhanced possibilities to display more complex schemes.

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