TEMPLO General motion analysis

The general motion analysis module is the basic module of the TEMPLO-software.
With this software any movement sequences can be captured and analysed. You get additionally to the scheme Motion analysis general also the schemes FleXiRec, FleXiRec with A/D and Vicon Motus 10 and each the possibility to built own derivations from the scheme. More detailed descriptions are to find below in the tab "details".

It is a cost-saving possibility to structure the routine work flow in daily work and to work more effectively with your patients, customers or athletes.

In addition individual protocols for different analyses can be created, which enable highest flexibility for the user.

TEMPLO motion analysis software covers the following basic functions:


All customer data as well as their measurement data are saved in a MS-Access based database. So you can always have an eye on all the information for the customer and easily provide an overview of already existing analyses.

If your data volume gets too big, a comfortable archiving system is available. Applying a new analysis for a new person is only a view clicks before you can start with the video recording of the motion.

Video recording

General motion analysis: capture

The video recording with TEMPLO is very easy: Click on �start� and �stop�. Depending on the number and position of your cameras the video analysis system automatically synchronizes the recordings and saves this. No time-consuming search for the directories and no allocation of file-names are longer necessary.

Video analysis

General motion analysis: analysis

Continue with the analysis of the motion just as fast and effective as the video recording. TEMPLO automatically prepares the most used video views and compares the video recordings per mouse-click.

Powerful measurement tools allow effective analyses and accelerate the workout of your analysis goal. You can pick up the prepared report templates every time to store important pictures or situations and provide them with an individual comment.


General motion analysis: report

The report is your business card. You have all freedoms to put your knowledge and analysis result to paper as concise as possible in the report. For example you can provide all report pages with your own logo and put data or pictures where you wish. Or you can use the automatic report, which puts together all relevant measurement data for pre-defined points of time. As a highlight we offer the possibility of the assembly of a Player-CD, which contains the actual analysis and can be displayed or re-analysed on each other computer.

  • Scheme Motion analysis general: Record different types of sports and enjoy the freedom to analyze whatever you want.
  • Scheme FleXiRec: This is the right scheme when you want to perform a various number of recordings (also in short time intervals) without using a special analysis scheme. Additionally you have the possibility to define groups and/or trial conditions.
  • Scheme FleXiRec with A/D: Here you additionally have the possibility to record analog data of different measuring systems.
  • This module is available as OEM-product
  • An integral part of TEMPLO motion analysis is an archiving module that can move the large amounts of data resulting from the video recording comfortably to internal or external hard drives or the network. Criteria like date of analysis or date of the last visit of a person can be used for the selective archiving.
  • The system offers the possibility to burn the files to CD and requests for the right data carrier when you want to call an archived analysis.

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