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OEM products for motion analysis

In addition to the various versions of the motion analysis software TEMPLO, CONTEMPLAS provides OEM versions with special designs that fulfill the individual requirements of our partners. That is exactly what the modern posture analysis and motion analysis have needs for.

OEM products: Running shoe recommendation

adidas shoe recommendation
Adidas shoe recommendation
Adidas, the sports shoe specialist, uses TEMPLO Lite as OEM version to give advice to its customers. The individual design and the adjusted functions offer an effective analysis and represent the company as a professional partner for sport shoe recommendations.

nike shoe recommendation
Nike shoe recommendation
One who needs new running shoes, requires expert advice. Nike offers an ideal solution by using a customized OEM version of TEMPLO Lite which enables a broad analysis.

Saucony Show Lab running shoe recommendation
Saucony shoe recommendation
A convincing concept: the designer and manufacturer of athletic footwear Saucony uses TEMPLO Lite as an OEM version with Saucony-design in specialized running-shops. Saucony aims to increase its market penetration and to emphasize its competence in the field of running.

Reebok running shoe recommendation
Since April 2009, Reebok is using Europe-wide an OEM-version of TEMPLO Lite for their running shoe sales. The software has been adapted to the requirements and the lifestyle of Reebok.

asics shoe recommendation
Asics shoe recommendation
The sports shoe specialist Asics wants to advise its customers on the highest level possible. In order to achieve this goal, Asics uses an individualized OEM version of TEMPLO Lite.

somnio shoe recommendation
Somnio shoe recommendation
The main concept of Somnio states that “a shoe has to fit perfectly in order to optimize the persons’ movement behavior”. This philosophy is implemented with the OEM version of TEMPLO Lite since a personal consultation includes an individual representation.

RUNNR Laufschuhberatung
RUNNR shoe recommendation
RUNNR makes use of TEMPLO Lite as OEM version when analyzing running shoes. The CONTEMPLAS software is, due to its high adaptability one of the most advanced analysis system worldwide.

mizuno shoe recommendation
Mizuno shoe recommendation
A combination of advanced technology and craftsmanship enables Mizuno to deliver sports equipment of highest quality. With an OEM version of TEMPLO Lite Mizuno determines the appropriate product for each customer.

Runners Point running shoe recommendation
RUNNERS POINT shoe recommendation
Since November 2007, the running shoe specialist RUNNERS POINT has successively equipped all of their 140 stores of the RUNNERS POINT chain with an OEM-version of TEMPLO Lite. The same thing applies to the specialized Running-Concept-Stores RUN².

sport scheck shoe recommendation
Sport Scheck shoe recommendation
The sporting good specialist, Sport Scheck, works in over ten stores with an OEM version of TEMPLO Lite. The motion analysis software supports professional advice with the latest technology.

OEM products: Gait analysis and shoe recommendation

The basis of these products is the generally available TEMPLO gait analysis.

MSZONE shoe recommendation
MSZONE gait check
The specialist of functional shoes, MSZONE, uses an OEM version of TEMPLO for extensive analysis of its customers.

MBT gait analysis
MBT - gait check
The shoe manufacturer MBT (Masai Barefoot Technology) uses an OEM version of the CONTEMPLAS motion analysis software at international sales and promotion events for gait analysis and shoe recommendation.

OEM products: Motion analyis

h/p/cosmos treadmill analysis
Treadmill analysis h/p/cosmos para motion
The leading treadmill manufacturer provides an OEM version of the CONTEMPLAS motion analysis sofware together with the worldwide available running machines, using the product name h/p/cosmos para motion.

clinical innovation motion analysis
CLINICAL INNOVATION - motion analysis
CLINICAL INNOVATION uses for its analysis an OEM version of TEMPLO.

golf swing analysis
Golf swing analysis
CONTEMPLAS closely cooperates with the Golf Academy Paderborn to offer the perfect product for the golf sector. In the golf version, colour and terminology are adapted to the golf sport and the functionalities and the analysis steps are tailored to the daily analysis routine of a golf pro. The golf academy is a competent partner for all your questions concerning golf and is an authorised dealer of the mobile high-speed system and the golf swing analysis software.

Posture Analysis OEM products

The basis of these products is the generally available TEMPLO posture analysis.

ChungShi posture analsis
ChungShi posture analysis
ChungShi has developed a novel shoe concept for more active walking. This concept influences human posture which is to be checked on retailer events by the motion analysis software.

FOOTSOLUTION shoe recommendation
FOOTSOLUTIONS posture check
The shoe specialist FOOTSOLUTIONS offers a precise analysis of your feet. The usage of the OEM software, with which the data is being recorded, enables the company to advise its clients.

Vabene posture analysis
Vabene posture analysis
Vabene represents expertise in consulting and training concerning posture analysis oft the human body. The concept ist particullary build on the accomodation with proprizeptive isnoles.
Vabene distributes the CONTEMPLAS 2D and 3D posture analysis.

balenso posture analysis
Posture Balance
BalensoSenso offers a wide range of products for ergo- and physical therapy, rehabilitation and fitness. With the OEM version of Posture Balance, TEMPLO is being used for individual posture therapy.

biodyn posture analysis event posture check
Biodyn posture analysis
Biodyn, a sales company with about 100 members of staffs, sells innovative and high quality technical products and deals with new training concepts as well. CONTEMPLAS posture analysis is used as sales promotional tool on retailer events

Jump analysis OEM products

Basis of these products is the scheme TEMPLO jumping analysis, which is commonly available.

KISTLER jump analysis
Kistler jumping analysis
Kistler is a leading manufacturer of piezoelectronic and piezoresistive pressure- and force-sensors. The OEM-version of the jump analysis software is specially adapted for Kistler force plates.

Human Engineering OEM products

HUMEN workplace analysis software
CONTEMPLAS cooperated with IGR and developed the HUMEN workplace analysis software. Competent and trained employees are being equipped with a quick and easy performance of workplace analysis.

CONTEMPLAS motion analysis products

Learn more about our motion analysis software TEMPLO.

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