Motion analysis with "h/p/cosmos para motion"

CONTEMPLAS took advantage of the rich experiences of its employees and partners in the markets of biomechanics, medicine and sports for the development of an OEM product for h/p/cosmos. The new video analysis system provides state-of-the-art imaging and video technology for the markets of 2D and 3D motion analysis. It offers a long-desired solution for the requirements of treadmill analysis and gait analysis.

The new motion analysis software "h/p/cosmos para motion" has been presented to the public on May, 5th, 2005 at the trade fair FIBO 2005 in Essen, Germany. Visitors were invited to get a first impression of the system and to see it working in real world conditions, using the h/p/cosmos running machines.

The system provides a guided video analysis

The software has been designed to fit the usual working flow of its users. The new concept offers a guided procedure for gait analysis that still provides flexibility and ease of use.
Using hands-on experience of many years the system provides typical steps for an easy to use motion analysis system. Database, video capture and analysis, all lead to a flexible and powerful report and do not put unnecessary load on the user.

Database and rich, user-defined reports

h/p/cosmos para motion - Advantages at a glance:


  • user-defined database records with personal and trial data
  • SQL compatibility
  • ready for networked usage
  • export and archiving features with XML compatibility

Video capture:

  • step-by-step explanation and guidance for camera positioning
  • automatic video capture template
  • IVM (intelligent video management)
  • automatic assignment of video footage (no file handling)


  • head-to-head video comparison
  • sequence of images
  • reference video footage for easy comparisons
  • measurement of angles and distances
  • drawing tools
  • definition of movement-specific events
  • integration of motionQuest analysis


  • hardcopy output (paper)
  • integration of motionQuest reports
  • user-defined layout and content
  • editable report
  • export and archiving features with XML compatibility

Additional information on software, features, price and sales partners can be obtained from h/p/cosmos.

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