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What is TEMPLO Sport Analysis

 - High speed video capabilities
 - Use of sport-specific terminology
 - Use of Analog-Digital data collection devices
 - Accurate timing platform
 - Integrated database
 - Multiple cameras supported
 - Customizable workflow
 - User defined report protocols
 - Add more cameras
 - Higher resolution
 - Higher frame rate
 - EMG
 - Force platforms
 - Accelerometer, Goniometer, foot switches
 - Pressure measurement
 - Underwater camera housings for swimming
 - Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera mounts
The workflow is centered around the capture of multiple videos from different perspectives, and is primarily user-defined in nature. Athletes perform their motion within the defined capture space, and the operator is then able to identify key points and move through the footage frame-by-frame. Measurements can be done immediately after analysis, such as angle measurements and calibrated space measurements. Additional tools, such as video overlay and stroboscope, can be used to compare different trials simultaneously, or view the motion in one image.
After analysis, the user can create reports using the standard report templates, or customized report compilations, depending on his or her specific needs. Annotations are easily entered, as well as screengrabs from the captured footage that feature angle measurements or other graphical elements created by the analyst.
 - Planning and consulting
 - Training and support
 - Hardware customization
 - System installation
 - Custom built hardware solutions







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